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    Deltacron variant discovered in Cyprus. My guess the Omicron was proving to be more flu like, so they needed to come up with a more serious variant - shazam Deltacron!
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    I say fire the idiot that has a fear of unmasked people participating in zoom meetings. Worthless carbon unit in my opinion.
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    I bought 12mg tablets.
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    Well poop!!! Neighbor has COVID

    I've seen it mentioned here a couple of different places that Quercetin is hard on the kidneys. The studies I have read indicate that it's only high intravenous doses (>950mg) that may cause kidney problems. If anyone has different information I would like to know.
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    Ding... ding... ding - the Japanese government quietly advised and allowed their people to acquire Ivermectin!
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    Wife’s got the Rona

    It's my understanding that Quercetin at 1gram or greater (particularly IV administered) doe is what is hard on the kidneys.
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    Mine came from India the middle of November. I took nearly a month to receive it. I heard a crackdown was coming.
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    Hide Aviation

    Had a full IFR Cessna 182P the first half of the 90's. Sold it when I left Wisconsin and hit the road in an RV. Settled in Caldwell Idaho and built an experimental taildragger. Had a blast flying the back country and up and down the Pacific coast. Came back to Wisconsin and sold it because I...
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    RUN JOE RUN...for a 2nd term

    Desantis is already hated by the left and MSM. If he were to run for President they would hate him as much, or more, as they ever hated Trump. I predict any Presidential candidate with strong conservative policies and patriotic beliefs would suffer the same visceral hatred. Keep in mind...
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    Kyle is free!
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    Rittenhouse verdict is rumored to be announced in 1 hour.
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    Trump, the rally, and what the hell.

    Many good points made in this thread and I agree with most of them. However, the politicians are only the visible part of the total corruption of our federal and local governments. The vast majority of criminal activities are performed by Bureaucrats (a.k.a. Civil Servants). Until there are...
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    Yup, but I'm well stocked and plenty of reloading components!
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    I hear you! I finally hung some steel here on the homestead. When the news and the BS gets to be too much, I walk to the back and pop of 30 - 50 rounds. I always feel better afterwards.
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    Very well presented. I tip my hat to the doctor.
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    Hopefully more will come to their senses and speak out in the music/song!
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    Dusty here at my place.
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    Rush Limbaugh passes away

    Rush will be sorely missed! His passing is a great loss to the voice of true American Patriots! R.I.P to a great believer in America as founded.
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    The Old Bat Pelosi

    I believe she is one of the most evil people to live in the past 100 years. Her influence over Congress and national politics has been tremendous.
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    BREAKING: FBI fears 'insider' attack at inauguration. Vetting all 25,000 NG soldiers in DC...

    This action and paranoia is because they now realize what they have done. The election fraud and rigged judicial system is not sitting well with far to many people. The only option remaining is more oppression. This is just the beginning!