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    Gunsmithing What is the difference between a freebore reamer and bore ryder throated reamer

    The initial angle is 1-30 halfway down. Then it goes to a more gradual angle to major land diameter. The final angle can vary depending on what reamer your are using. Kiff was the guy that came up with the term (bore rider) At one time Dave offered it in smaller calibers. A friend of mine did...
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    Safety Warning for Berger 77 grain OTM Tactical Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Needs new bolt. Also scope the locking lug recess on the barrel ext. It should be softer than the bolt. If it looks ok. Spec the new bolt for headspace to confirm no set back on Barrel ext. If it was mine I would put a new barrel ext on too. Not sure how they got enough of that powder in that...
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    Gunsmithing Drilling into HS Precision stock???

    The aluminum bar that runs the length of the forearm is rectangular. Probably only 1/4 - 5/16 thick. Not sure how you plan on drilling a hole that needs to be the diameter of your spud? Let alone how you will locate the drill or end mill precisely in the stock. You could drill small holes in...
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    Blown Primer with 6GT =(

    After gassing 40 primers you might want to look at your bolt face to see how fucked up it is? Maybe firing pin tip too?
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    5R vs 4 Groove

    Its not rocket science 4 grove will support the front of a live pilot reamer more securely than 5 groove. Even less support of the lands are canted (or what ever u want to call it) Spiral fluted reamer is the way to go. Carbide is even better. Chatter is only part of the problem. But I wont...
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    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    The only problem with CCI 450 is they are very hard. That's why I use them. Probably 25k in the last 15 years Not one failure. But I remember hearing guys bitching about them from time to time. If your going to run one of the hardest primers out there. You need to pay attention to all the...
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    SOLD Reduced Again (WTS) 338 Lapua Stiller TAC338 McM A5 Adj Bix'n Andy TacSport

    How many rounds, Does the throat still look good?