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    RCBS Chargemaster 1500

    I'm running two RCBS Chargemaster one is throwing a charge about every 15sec. and the other is every 30sec. anyway to speed the other one up?
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    Barrel length for 243 in matches

    Looking at shooting a few matches this year. But due to a neck injury wanting to shoot my 243 due to recoil. Current setup is an AI AW with 26" barrel shooting 115 Bergers running titanium suppressor. Wanting to know thoughts on barrel length for tactical matches. Thinking it might be a little...
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    new gap rifle

    Gap 260 rem.hunting rifle shot some groups they turn out ok the weather was not the best.
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    Gunsmithing Barrel life of 1 in 6.5 twist 223 barrels vs 1-8

    Looking at building a F/TR rifle in 223 mostly looking for a practice rifle and shooting to 600. But thought about shooting to 1k and was looking at a 1-6.5 twist barrel that was available now. Question is would it give a much shorter barrel life than a 1-8 or 1-7. Not really planning on...
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    cmp tenx eley ammo

    Cmp has tenx eley ammo for sale $95.00 for case! Thats good dael.
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    Suppressors suppressed armament systems

    I was looking for a new 308 can.The sas titanium 7.62mm has any one shot one? are you pleased with it? i see the milehigh shooting is cary them
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    Suppressors jet suppressors

    just wanting to know if anyone has one ? I was thinking of getting one in titanium and if their are any better ones ? thanks.
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    What is the difference between the 6.5 X 284 Norma and 6.5 X 284? Am I wrong or are they one and the same. Also, if I have a barrel chambered in that caliber do I need to tell the gunsmith the difference if there is one. Any help would be great.
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    Rifle Scopes pvs/22 vs. thermal scope

    want to know which one would you chose pro/cons would be using for hog hunting
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    Gunsmithing stuck barrel

    need some help got ar noveske barrel that won't break lose.I have in vice it should pull lose i'm the right tools ?
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    Suppressors new toy

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    Gunsmithing RUGER 10-22

    I need a gunsmith that can ream the chamber on my ruger 1022.It's two tigth not letting the round set all the way.the barrle is match green mountain.Let know how to call?
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    barrle twist 7mm wsm

    whate barrle twist do i need two shoot 180vld. what lenght barrle? thanks
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    gap 7000

    will george action work on 7wsm ?
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    Suppressors sig x5 226

    dose any one know were you con get threaded barrel 226 x5 tactical i have seen them with threaded barrel but sig product catalog don't show them. thanks.
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