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    Fox Breaking News... FBI's subpoena of Hunter laptop aiding money laundering investigation!

    This breaking news shortly followed Wray's voter fraud press release earlierthis evening. Wray is scrambling to coverup the FBI inaction with the Hunter Biden laptop the FBI has had in their possession since last December. Beginning to look like amatuer hour at the FBI. Up until now they...
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    FBI Wray holds news conference about election fraud... really?

    Director Wray claims Iran and Russia have acquired voter registration lists. Supposedly they are using them to spread social media and email disinformation against Trump. Me thinks Wray is trying to take the heat off him and the FBI for sitting on the laptops owned by Hunter Biden since last...
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    Rifle Scopes FInally bought an LPVO... Meopta 1 - 6 x 24

    It's a FFP with the Z-Plus reticle (MOA). I really couldn't use a scope with a set ballistic type reticle, because I hand load and prefer 68 - 77 grain bullets. Scope will be mounted on my light weight 16" 5.56 AR that is primarily used for home defense of my rural property. A top end of 6X...
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    I've been reading a lot about the efficacy of CHLOROQUINE in treating Coronavirus!

    It's used primarily to prevent/treat malaria and it's been used since the late 1930's. The drug is plentiful worldwide and in expensive. It has been used to treat critical Coronavirus patients in France, NY and Ca with no deaths reported and vast improvement in recipients. Let's see how badly...
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    Updated: What to expect post surgery - recovery - subdural hemorrhage?

    Wednesday the 19th I had emergency surgery due to a brain hemorrhage that came out of nowhere. After 6 days in ICU I was sent home and resting comfortably. I won't see the brain surgeon for another 5 days for followup CT scan and examination. Don't know what to expect, so I thought to post...
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    for King & Country

    Uplifting music. Turn up the volume and use headset to get full effect!
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Wanting a shoulder holster, but have no experience.

    Tired of IWB & OWB holster(s) discomfort and hangups while driving long distances. Also, I frequently leave my CCW home when I ride my Road Glide and that bugs me. So I'm considering a shoulder holster, but I don't have any practical experience. I know the draw technique is considerably...
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    Halle Berry... You go girl!

    Damn who would have thought she could shoot?
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    Anyone using Milspec/Rugged cell phones?

    I'm tired of flimsy cells phones that crack, shatter or can't tolerate mother nature. I'm looking at: Sonim CP7 or 8 CAT S41 Samsung S7 Active Motorola Moto Z2 Force Anybody have real world experience with any of them. My needs are simple: Good Quality speaker (clarity, tone & volume)...
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    AOC tells Democrat establisment: We are in charge!

    This little twit is turning out to be very useful! I hope the Democrat party tears itself apart trying to appease her and her other far left counterparts.
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    The picture is becoming more clear. Texas counties protecting Cartel pipelines

    Congress writing laws to protect the flow of drugs and money.
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    Democrats to vote on ban of private gun sales 2/13/2019

    H.R. 8 is being brought to the House floor for a vote. Details:
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    Dr. Jack Minzey on Civil War in U.S.A

    SOUNDS LIKE MINZEY HAD SOME SMARTS! Dr. Jack Minzey on Civil War in U.S. Today ….Jack passed away Sunday, 8 April 2018. Professionally, Jack was head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which were on the topic...
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    Gillette says men need to shave off their toxic masculinity No P & G products for me. This is nonsense!
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    New leftist Wisconsin Governor & AG already push Red Flag laws!

    They were sworn in just this week and its already started. The Governor (Tony Evers) and AG (Josh Kaul) are as far left as you can get. Hopefully, the Republican controlled state legislature will prevent the bill from ever hitting the floor for a vote.
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    6 citizens draw down on thieves

    Some people are fed up.
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    CCI SV for 3 cents a round!

    Just scored at my local Farm & Fleet with no limit. If you live IL, IA, MI or WI check your local store. They have limited sale to in store only - NO INTERNET SALES!
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    Original Marine Corps Raider history
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    Barack and Michelle inspired They are faithful to the doctrine of Saul Alinsky. Recent events indicate TPTB will do everything and anything necessary to maintain control and further erode our liberties. The 2018 and...