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    taurus customer service

    Maybe I should have posted this in the sidearm thread but does anyone have experience with Taurus CS? I have a .357 Tracker revolver that has a problem with the center pin binding up and therefore locking the cylinder and action. I am the original owner and sent it back to Taurus yesterday...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Rock Island M 200

    Has anyone shot or own one of these revolvers? Looks like a pretty decent, basic .38 for throwing in the truck.
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    This is getting nasty

    Report: Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents « CBS Las Vegas
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    New "old" must have snipery tool

    Roy Rogers Quick Trigger Shooter Hat: Vintage Toy - YouTube
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    marlin 7000

    My son just picked up a Marlin model 7000 .22 semi auto with a bull barrel that looks brand new. I am not familiar with this rifle. The barrel is definitely not free floated in the factory plastic stock. Anyone have suggestions on how to accurize this thing?
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    Free shipping on Ammo

    Hey folks, Freedom Munitions in Idaho has a free shipping on ammo deal for the next 24 hours. Coupon code is fr33ship for anyone interested.
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    Cool new weapon system

    BRILLIANT: Huge BOOM, tiny bullet | Israel Video Network
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    HELI-HOG'N on Vimeo This is cool!
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    XLR mag issue

    Hey guys, I got my XLR chassis for my T/C Venture in .308 a few months ago and haven't been able to shoot it because of shoulder surgery. Anyhow, I finally got everything put together the last couple of weeks and was going to go to the range today and discovered that both my 5 and 10 round AI...
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    A Texas farewell

    Just an unbelievable expression of love and respect by those that love and respect this country. From: Rick Stanton Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 9:18 AM To: Rick Stanton Subject: A Texas good-bye, Please Pass This One Around I’m not sure if you have seen this...
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    KRG bolt knob

    Has anyone used one of these two piece knobs on anything other than a Rem? I'd like to put one on my T/C Venture and was wondering if it would fit. I imagine a dremel could make it so?
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    Rainier Arms BCG? GTG?

    Rainier has their brand of BCG on sale for $99. It is phosphate and MPI tested. Anyone have experience with these? I have been wanting to pick up one for a spare.
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    New hand cannon.

    Bad ass!
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    Gun shop commercial from TX.

    Keller's Riverside Store
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    Rifle Scopes Lower Priced (<$400) with exposed elevation turrets

    To the OP. I would recommend an SWFA fixed. Tough as nails.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns knife sharpening info from the guru's out there

    Thanks guys. Where is the Workshop tool available?
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns knife sharpening info from the guru's out there

    First, let me say I suck at sharpening knives. I have watched youtube videos and have read a lot of info but still cannot get it right. I have a couple of stones that do a pretty good job but I just can't get a razor edge. Maybe somebody out there can helpme with a question. When I was a kid, my...
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    glow in the dark pigs

    Saw a story on Drudge about this today but couldn't link it. Basically some tech heads in China figured out how to make pigs glow in the dark by feeding them some sort of algae. Hey, would make night hunting with NV gear obsolete!
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    Thanks to all you good LEO's out there

    Merry Christmas! Bob Welsh - My Christmas Eve - YouTube
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    Rifle Scopes Zero stops for SWFA Super Sniper Scopes

    I'm in for some for a 16x fixed SWFA mil-mil.