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    Gunsmithing Burr in the neck of my chamber

    I think I have a small burr in the neck of my 325WSM's chamber. It's leaving a light scratch that kind of curves from right to left up the neck as you look at the case from above/behind. Is this anything worth worrying about? Is it a major fix? thanks, Will
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    Problem--700BDL 30-06 sporter group jumps around

    Haven't been really using my 30-06 much these days since I got a 325WSM, but I decided to dust it off with some nosler 150g CT's and some 110g vmax's. Thought I'd set it up as a coyote killer. Well I decided to zero it with the 150g CT's and then just map the different zero point for the 110g...
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    Rock River Arms .458 SOCOM A4

    Any advice/experience with either the .458 SOCOM or the Rock River Arms platform?
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    Best 30-06 110gr VMAX Recipe?

    I know it's a shoot off of another post.....but.... Anyone have a good PERSONALLY tested recipe including OAL? I'm loading a 0.20 freebore for 2.55" length to ogive.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Threaded barrel for SR9?

    Anyone know where to get ahold of a threaded barrel for an SR9?
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    Case too small for minimum powder charge

    I decided to load up some coyote killers for my 30-06. I'm loading 110gr Hornady VMAX with my old faithful IMR4064. Min recommended charge is 55-56 depending on the recipe. Problem is I start compressing at about 52g...which I thought is odd to have to compress to get the min. load. My...
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    Letting vinegar blacken brass ok?

    I'm thinking I like the blackened (patina) brass look for my nosler CT's and VMAX. Anything wrong with just not neutralizing the vinegar and letting the brass blacken?
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    Alternative Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution?

    Anyone have a home recipe alternative to the gun-store expensive cleaners for either cases or parts in an ultrasonic cleaner?
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    Gunsmithing Ultrasonic cleaner okay???

    I bought my first ultrasonic cleaner yesterday. I ran two bolts and a top end of my SR9 through using Hornady parts cleaner. I followed by drying with compressed air and then one-shot dry lube down into the bolts with a couple drops of oil rubbed on the slides. Are they okay to use for this...
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    Ultrasonic cleaner...any need for tumbler?

    I just bought my first ultrasonic cleaner. I've run about 100 cases of 9mm and 100 30-06 cases and like the results, however doesn't really "Polish" like a tumbler. That aside, is there any reason I'm not seeing to keep my old tumbler around...I'm thinking I'd like to get rid of it but afraid...
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    American Guns show....These guys serious????

    They just sold a 50 cal custom for $20K!!! and claimed to have "designed" the graphics, but it sure looked like the standard ghost skull pattern you see everywhere. any other hatred to share about this guy? P.S. apparently if you put explosives in something and detonate them when you pull...
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    WSM's equal shorter barrels...Really???

    Any experience out there on this? the 300wsm enable the same speeds with shorter barrels? if so what's the best length considering the trade-off's?
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    best load for 325wsm??

    I'm going to use the 200gr accubond...anyone have a good recipe before I spend a bunch of $$ testing powders??
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    ballistic comp vs range cards

    whats the the ballistic comp/software worth the $ or stick with range cards for every load? if so...which software is best?
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    325WSM performance vs oldschool calibers

    I'm looking for long range performance on the 325wsm. Anyone have first hand experience that ALSO has first hand experience with 300 win mag or .308? Ballistically the 325wsm's 200gr Accubond begins outrunning the 300 win mag's 180gr accubond at around 550yds. but I'm looking for experience...