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  1. nostyta

    Accessories TPS rings fs.

    $70 to your door conus only. Certified check or postal money order, will ship once funds clear with tracking. 30mm - Extra high.
  2. nostyta

    Remington 700 SPS DM

    Can someone confirm what the barrel contour is on this model in the 300wm. I looked on Remington's website and tried searching around but didn't find anything. Thanks. Kevin
  3. nostyta

    Barrel blew apart.

    Not for sure if this belongs here but this happened to a friend this past weekend while sighting in his rifle before this upcoming rifle season. I'm going by his statement I was not present at the time, so this is all I know, I did however see the end results. Rifle was a Remington model 700...
  4. nostyta

    Member Link Up South West Virginia.

    Any members around this area SWVA or even the Tri-City area?