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  1. M24_SWS

    308 subsonic IMR 4064

    I have a SPS Varmint 308 cut to 20 inches, the Barrel twist rate is 1/12. I started the process for a AAC Cyclone supressor. I have hornady 150 grain round nose bullets and a batch of IMR 4064 powder. Does anyone have a good subsonic load with the materials I mentioned? I did some searching but...
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    Rifle Scopes S&B for left hand rifles

    Well I got the S&B 4-16X42 mounted to the rifle. I used Seekins 34mm LOW rings as well as a Seekins 20 MOA base. Based on doing my research, I know the S&B scopes are not too friendly for left handed shooters because the illumination control gets in the way of the bolt knob. Well, I moved the...
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    Fliers impact

    I am just about ready to get my rifle out on the range and do shooting from 100 yards up to 500 yards and doing as much positional shooting as I can. With that said, I saw this article and it talked about fliers are NOT MISTAKES, in that they tell a story to the shooter. The Truth About Barrel...
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    Suppressors M9 Suppressed

    I am putting a Gem-Tech Multi mount suppressor on my pistol using the MP5 3 lug adaptor. I was able to order a 12 pound recoil spring but I was wondering what is a good hammer spring weight to order from wolff? Thank you, Heath
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns PPQ M2 Holster reccomendations

    Does anyone have holster reccomendations for a Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm? The holsters primary use will be for concealed carry and some range time. Also please take in mind i am Left handed. The pistol will not have a light equipped. Thank you, Heath
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    Imr 4064

    Hello, I have a batch of IMR 4064 on order and the sierra 175 SMK bullets as well. I know what the recipe is for 7.62 brass but for the 308 winchester brass what would i have to reduce the powder charge by? If this has been covered then i apologize. Thank you, Heath
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    Shooting Book

    Maybe this is in the wrong section, if it is then would the MODS please move it. I am thinking about buying a book called: Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting by Brian Litz. Any thoughts on this book? Thank you, Heath
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    BCM Midlength

    Well although i am overseas doing my military job, i pieced together a AR15 build. BCM 14.5 inch Midlength gas upper with a pinned and welded PWS FSC 556 brake and front sight post along with Magpaul rear flip up sight. BCM M16 Bolt carrier along with Noveske M16 charging handle and carbine...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Glock question

    I was wondering why are the glock 25 and 28 law enforcement only?
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    Selector Switch SEMI

    I have a selector switch that is a semi version USGI spec in a DPMS lower parts kit. My question is: Can i just install the selector switch on the opposite side of the receiver since i am a lefty?
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    Ok, i just bought a AR15 stripped lower receiver on gunbroker and the model is Aero Precision. Aero seems to be a great company that makes good products from what i have read. I am looking for ideas for this build. The goal of this build is to use .223 ammo with 77 grain bullets. Basically a...
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    TAB GEAR is Awesome !!

    I had a multicam TAB GEAR rear bag but i found the bag that they sold was a little short. What i mean by short was i use a M24 stock and there is a height difference where the stock should be theres the screws that move the buttpad. I asked Tony Burkes if he could make me the same bag but 2...
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    Stoney point stix OR PRS Tripod

    I have access with permission to a 1000 yard range with paper and steel targets and would like to get into positional shooting with my m24. For all kinds of position shooting generally which product would be superior for stability and flexibility in getting into a good position..stoney point...
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    Top service

    Hello, I have a ATLAS bipod and long story short on one of the buttons that is used to let the leg go forward or backward is stuck and barely moves. The bipod was sitting in a foam gun case for a month with no damage to it. So i sent Kasey a PM and he said to package it up and send it to him...
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    One thing i have done to help correct trigger jerk or the anticipation (flinching) are snap caps (dummy rounds) Heres what you do: Regardless is you have a ADL, BDL, or DBM system for your rifle. Take live and dummy rounds and mix them up and close your eyes and load them into the gun or...
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    Accurate Ordnance ROCKS!!!

    My rifle is a remington 5R and i had accurate ordnance cut the barrel to 18.5 inches and re crown and install the surefire muzzle brake and cerakote the bareled action in black. The cerakote really help the bolt be smoother which i like. I wanted a ADL configuration because i dont see the...
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    Hunting & Fishing Ft Sill pigs?

    I am on Ft Sill and have been told many times theres a TON of wild pigs down here and according to Ft Sill its basically the pigs are a pest and its kill and leave them. Well i have some people that would eat the meat if i killed them so i have 3 basic questions. What are the exact type of pigs...
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    This was installed like 50 minutes ago on my HTG mcmillan stock. Very awesome bipod. It has the BT17 4 inch rail and i also ordered the spiked feet. Look forward to using it.
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    Gunsmithing ADL Rem 700 Questions

    I just bought a Mcmillan HTG stock inletted for remington 700 right hand short action. In the following photos i am wondering the middle screw.....i know it holds the front part of the trigger guard in place but what do i thread the screw into since theres a lot of space? Also the ADL box...
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    Rifle Scopes S&B on the way

    I have read the info about S&B scopes on this site for a long time. I did what some people do, they want a S&B and end up getting something else and when all is said and done they spent more money than a S&B originally cost. Im a idiot. But for about 6 to 8 months and literally checking every...