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  1. willsnipe

    Gunsmithing S & W Hammer question

    Please help! My memory tells me that K & L frame hammers are interchangable. Could someone who works on thema little more often (or has a younger memory ) please confirm whether or not that's correct?
  2. willsnipe

    Gunsmithing 300 AAC Blackout bolt rifle questions

    I've been wanting to build one, but want to avoid the typical ejection problems. My first choice as an action donor is a push-feed Win 70 in 223, but it looks like the extractor/ejector geometry is very close to the problem plauged 700. Has anyone here ever installed a Sako style extractor in a...
  3. willsnipe

    subsonic question

    I was just set to buy a 300 whisper reamer, then see 300 AAC blackout everywhere I look. They look to be the same in all but name, but I can't find dimensional drawings on the aac round. Can anyone here tell me if my assumption is correct? I'd sure appreciate the help.
  4. willsnipe

    Why does the drooling smiley not work? :)_..

    I can think of several GREAT applications for this!
  5. willsnipe

    Heads up! Lapua 308 in stock!

    I just got off the phone with E. A. Brown ( ) They have 200 boxes of Lapua 308 in stock if anyone is looking.
  6. willsnipe

    AR-10 mags in a 700?

    It may not be the brightest idea, but in the interest of making everything interchangable, has anyone tried feeding a 700 from AR-10 mags? Is anyone out there building bottom metal to allow it?
  7. willsnipe

    Headstamp ?

    Just ran across a bunch of 40 & 45 brass and I'm trying to figure out who manufacturered it. It's headstamped *I*. Any help would be greatly appreciated.