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    Wilson3899 is GTG

    Fast comms and prompt shipment and rifle arrived as described.
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    McM HTG stock availability

    I'm looking for McM HTG Adj stock and can't seem to find it anywhere, looking for one inletted for Rem 700 SA and heavy barrel contour. will be using a DM trigger guard ( no preference, they all good and work fine ) if anyone know a dealer who has them in stock let me know. D.
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    SASS 7.62 with Adams Arms Rifle length piston kit

    Will the stock SASS work with that kit? Or it will require a barrel change and I'm pretty sure the rail system change as well. Is anyone actually attempted or have a running rifle with that kit? D.
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    Heads UP on reloading stuff

    One of my friends found .30 cal bullets that are still available on Anyone in need should check it out. I made my order for som Sierra bullets and they all came in already in 3 days... Dmitri
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    Advice need on a stock for CZ 452 Varmint

    I need advise on a new stock for CZ 452 Varmint, in the best case scenario wanted to set it up in McM HTG stock and was wondering if anyone done or if McM inlets that stock for that action. If anyone have done it or pictures would be great.
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    Saw it on a rifle recently and was wondering who has experience with this product, and how reliable and safe it is. I didnt even know that this type of safety ( REMINGTON 700 THREE-POSITION SAFETY ) can be had on a Rem 700 untill now... Looks to me that it would be alot easier to use then that...