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    Mk 318

    I have abt 500 MK 318 62 gr barrier bullets and am having a problem finding reloading data on them,ea. powder, charge and type of primer. Could anyone help me? They will be shot out of a 20" barrel. Thanks. MM
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    Varget in 6.5x47 Lapua?

    What is y'all's take on Reloder 15 with CCI BR-4 bench rest primers and JLK 130 gr bullets? I have a rifle built by Apache Arms. In the area i live in powder is worth more then gold primers are the same. Thanks in advance. I need to learn so please tell it like it is. MM Gentlemen i gave out the...
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    Gunsmithing er shaw barrels ?

    That makes two of us. I have had 2 Shaw barrels in the past, they were ok for hunting rifles. If it's precision you want then save up and get a top of the line tube, money well spent. MM
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    Gunsmithing Q for you gunsmith's

    I have a Savage 300 W/M and was wondering if the brake have will hold up to it. it is a Surefire mbs762ssal/rb. The barrel is the MTU contour 27" long and i will be shooting up to 220 GR bullets but mostly 178-190 GR. I am going to have have the machine work done then the Melonite process...
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    223 Savage l/a

    I have looked and looked but cant find anything on converting a Savage l/a action to 223 and add on a DBM. I have 2 new l/a complete actions and would like to shoot a heavy bullet, my My AR's will not do it. Sure could use some advice. Thanks. MM
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    Night Vision Back Up NV Hog Pistol

    I do not really like revolvers so i carry an H&K USP 45 ACP encase it is needed for backup on a hog hunt. I like it and i know what the round can do.But is it enough to set a charging pig on it's ass when and if the time ever comes. I am open to all suggestions. Thank you. MM
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    Night Vision Best bang for your buck in thermal imaging optics?

    I agree with bennybone on warrenty. If i am going to pay 5Gs or more i want more then a year warranty. If any scope has such a good write up that it is the next best thing to sex then it should be backed up with a 3-5 year warranty. MM
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    Night Vision NV for 300 W/M

    Anything out on the market that will hold up to a 300 W/M and a 6.5x47? MM
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    Wal Mart

    I finely found out why the Wal Mart has no ammo or a 15's. I live in a tourist town, Williamsburg, Va. Management does not want to get the tourist's upset with having in this store. It is all political, plus the head manager is anti gun. Politics sucks.
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    Member Link Up Want to move to Texas

    I am selling my house in abt 6 months, was going to Brownwood, Tx. for my BOA. I am looking for a place that has trees, forest like area i can retire in. Someplace i can shoot long range and hunt. It's just me and what i can pack in my truck, wife is staying in VA. If anyone knows of such place...
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    Maggie’s Ups pilots gripe sheets

    I use to work at IAD and DCA in the late 60's and early 70's and this brings back some old memories. Also worked at Ft. Eustis Falker Field and the military comm's were great. Thanks all for the memories. MM
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    Getting back into reloading

    No it ain't broke, good and tight all around. I have a good set of scales all the dies i need. Just some minor things and back into business. I paid $20 for it years ago and loaded i don't know how many 45 acp with it. thanks for the replies. MM
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    Getting back into reloading

    I haven't reloaded for some time and i still have my old Herter's #3 press and #38 powder stand and tube with a bunch of shell holders. Going to load 6.5x47,223,308 and some others. I am use to it after 20 some years of using it and was just wondering if the new reloading equipment would suit me...
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    I have nor seen any new article in the forum about it. have a Savage and an FN in 6.5x47 i would like done. Would like to know who to contact abt having work done> Thankd. MM
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    Hunting & Fishing Jon Boat for electric only lake questions:

    Re: Jon Boat for electric only lake questions: If you fish in the middle of a big lake or for on the move bring along a crap bucket and some biodegradable T/P. Women folk like that. MM
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    Photos Noveske RIP

    Re: Noveske RIP Tells a lot about the man. MM
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    Photos Can anyone see what is 30 yards away from the gun?

    Re: Can anyone see what is 30 yards away from the gun? The picture was snapped at just the right moment,first one i have ever seen in a photo. Count me in on the group buy
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    Remington M40

    When Remington sold these some years ago did they have a scope with them? I am thinking a Red field? There is a man who has one without the scope but has rings on it and box for $1800 that is in a local forum i am on. MM
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    Photos Interesting colors for 5 Color Flectarn

    Re: Interesting colors for 5 Color Flectarn Darn that is nice, great job you did on it. MM