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  1. Killer Spade 13

    Casings: FGMM for Sale

    OK, I have a 5 gallon bucket that is about 2/3 full of once fired FGMM casings. A fair offer + shipping and its yours. Would love to reload, but I'd drive myself crazy.
  2. Killer Spade 13

    Cheek Piece Replacement

    Didn't like the cheek piece on my AICS 2.0. Kept getting a pulse beat bounce on the cheek piece so . . . I made my own . . . .
  3. Killer Spade 13

    Advanced Marksmanship Up HIll - Down HIll: Yes, once again!

    OK, I've read that when shooting up hill and down hill gravity affects the bullet drop equally. However, the vectors of gravity, bullet velocity, etc. are a bit more complicated that that. When shooting down hill, because of the forces of gravity, the speed of the bullet does not dissipate as...
  4. Killer Spade 13

    Suppressors Silencerco Sparrow:

    I think it is a given that the Sparrow, with standard velocity .22 LR rounds makes no sound at all, but what can I expect with HV rounds?
  5. Killer Spade 13

    Chamber Brush - .308

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a dedicated chamber brush contoured for a .308? Thanks . . .
  6. Killer Spade 13

    iPhone App for Sniper's Hide

    Does Sniper's Hide have an application for an iPhone????
  7. Killer Spade 13

    AICS and Jewell Trigger

    Has anyone here done an inlet job for a Rem. 700 action with a Jewell trigger in an AICS chassis? And if so, what was involved? Thanx . . .
  8. Killer Spade 13

    When It All Comes Together

    An answer for those who have concerns about buying a Dick's or Wal-Mart Remington 700. I knew the rifle could do it, but just wondered when I'd get stettled in.
  9. Killer Spade 13

    Sun/Moon Roof Motor Replacement - 2004 Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer

    OK, any of you gearheads out there know how to change out the motor for a sun/moon roof in one of these buggies????
  10. Killer Spade 13

    VIPER SKINS - Pro's and Con's

    Morning, Guys . . . Any pros and cons on Viper Skins? Mostly if any of you have had any issues. Planning on getting a set with the new stock model.
  11. Killer Spade 13

    Range Report Chrono Results - 175 SMK

    Got some interesting chrono results with my rig and some 175's. Published MV is 2600 fps. I'm shooting a 26" bbl and an AAC Cyclone suppressor. My average was 2577 fps. Should I be concerned? Don't have access to another chrono for comparison to establish any potential calibration problems.
  12. Killer Spade 13

    Morse Code and My Computer !!!

    OK, I am not insane and I'm not "hearing things . . .". But I can detect very high pitched Morse code signals eminating from my desk top computer. If I were still 13 years old and a Boy Scout, I could probably decode it, but my senses aren't what they used to be, so . . . Wish the heck I...
  13. Killer Spade 13

    Maggie’s My Greatest Respect for a Marine . . .

    I saw the picture of the Marine holding the umbrella over Obama. Now that, gentlemen, is worthy of the Medal of Honor, because that goes well beyond the realm . . . I am so honored by that young man, but I sit and wonder what he is thinking . . .
  14. Killer Spade 13

    Range Report 168 SMK vx 175 SMK

    Morning, Guys!!! Quick question . . . Is a .1 mil difference in vertical POI about right between a 168 and a 175 at 100 meters? (1 cm)
  15. Killer Spade 13

    AICS 2.0 - Short Action

    Does anyone have these in stock????
  16. Killer Spade 13

    Just a Question: Voting and Gun Purchase

    OK, I'm just throwing this out here: I think we would all like to have voters ID's checked for fraud and whatever, then why should we be so opposed to having ourselves checked out before we purchase a fire arm? Don't get me wrong, but I'm just trying to link up our rights as set forth in...
  17. Killer Spade 13

    Suppressors AAC Cyclone: Observations or Commentary

    So, Gentlemen; Any observations or commentaries any or you would like to profer with respect to the AAC Cyclone screw on? Just curious . . .
  18. Killer Spade 13

    Suppressors Got my Suppressor Cherry Busted !!!

    . . . and am I STOKED!!! An obvious increase in group tightening, reduction of recoil and noise. It really does sound like a HV .22 round when shot. Will post pics later.
  19. Killer Spade 13

    Suppressors Georgia, State thereof - Revocable Trust

    If you are in the state of Georgia and want a copy of a trust that is accepted by the federal government, let me know.
  20. Killer Spade 13

    Gunsmithing AICS + Jewell

    Can any of you tell me what I'll need to do to modify the AICS to accept my Rem. 700 action with a Jewell trigger?