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    Update: Seller is taking care of the issue. I purchased an open 8lb keg of H50bmg over the weekend from a guy on this site. I went to pour it into my powder dispenser tonight and noticed something odd. It looks like there’s some spherical powder mixed in. Is this normal? I’ve attached a few...
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    Reloading Equipment H4350 at midsouth

    H4350 is in stock at mid south. Limit 5 lbs.
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    Glasses impact rating

    Hey guys, I was looking to buy some replacement clear lenses for my Oakley frames. There are some aftermarket options that are about 1/2 the price. Their impact rating is 80.3 and I think the oakley lenses are 87. Can someone school me on impact ratings? Primary use will be pistol shooting and...
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    Firearms FOUND CK Arms or STI 9mm

    I’m looking to buy an sti or ck arms pistol in 9mm. May consider other models as well. Let me know if anyone has one for sale.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 75 ELD

    Does anyone have a few hundred 75 eld that they’re willing to sell? I have some 85.5 bergers that I’d be willing to trade.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD 123 scenar and 260 competition die set

    Looking to get rid of some bullets and dies. Will get pictures uploaded tonight. 1) SOLD.....1000 count (10x100 round boxes) of lapua 123 scenar. Looking to get $330 shipped for all, or $33 per 100 count plus $7 shipping. 2) SOLD.... Redding 260 competition neck die set. Includes micrometer...
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 123 scenar or smk

    I’m looking to buy 250+ of a 123 class bullet. Would prefer scenar or smk. Would consider eld or even 130 class bullets too.
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    Accessories Atlas bt10-lw17 RRS mount

    Up for grabs is an atlas bt10 bipod with the rrs dovetail/pic mount. Asking $250 shipped.
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    Optics Schmidt & Bender 5-25 and 3-27

    I’m looking to sell one of the following optics: First up is a S&B 5-25 with the MTC turret. Reticle is H2cmr. Will come with aadmount caps and original box. No ring marks. Scope is in excellent condition. Glass is perfect. Price is $2500 shipped. Insurance on the buyer. SOLD:Next up is a S&B...
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD 75 ELD (1700)

    Looking to sell 1700 of the hornady 75 gr ELD. Asking $325 for all. Would rather not split up for now. Trades: 6mm bullets 6mm barrel blank 300 wm brass 9mm brass 9mm bullets
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    Accessories SOLD Bell & Carlson target/comp stock

    Up for grabs is a B&C target/completion stock set up for a Remington 700 short action. Stock has never been bedded or modified. Has adjustable cheek piece with knobs, so no wrench is needed. Stock is olive green with black webbing. Asking $225 shipped. Bipod in pictures not included.
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    Accessories SOLD Hawkins M5 DBM

    Looking to sell a hawkins dbm for r700 short action. Asking $135 shipped
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    Firearms JP SCR-11 224 Valkyrie

    Up for grabs is a jp rifle chambered in 224 Valkyrie with side charging upper. I purchased this rifle new in December of 2018 from Mile High. 1450 rounds down the tube. 22” barrel. Threaded 5/8x24 at the muzzle. Will come with 1 PRI 15 round magazine. Also included is a 15” jp brand arca rail...
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    Want to buy/rent 33xc dies

    My barrel will be done later in the week and Tubb’s dies are out of stock for a while yet. If anyone has a set they don’t need, let me know.
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    WTS 400 140 hybrids SOLD

    Looking to sell 4 sealed 100 count boxes of Berger 140 hybrids. Asking SOLD
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    WTB AXMC 338 bolt body

    Looking to see if anyone has a .338 bolt body they’d like to get rid of. I would possibly trade a .300 win mag bolt body for it.
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    Nightforce atacr 4-16 mil-c

    Looking to sell my nightforce atacr 4-16 sitting in a spuhr cantilever mount. Mil-c reticle. I purchased both of these new in January. Asking $1900 for the optic and $350 for the mount.
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    JP scr-11 224 Valkyrie

    I’m kicking around the idea of selling this Valkyrie setup. Details: -JP scr-11 chambered in .224 valkyrie 22” barrel threaded 1/2x28 1200 rounds fired -JP arca rail with atlas bipod -2x 15 round PRI magazines -1x 25 round PRI magazine I’ll get some more pictures up soon. Asking...
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    WTS/WTT AXMC 308 bolt body

    Looking to sell or trade my axmc 308 bolt body. This bolt fits the multi cal (300 wm 338 lapua). Asking $620 shipped. Only trade is an axmc 338 bolt face.
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    SOLD Vortex razor 5-20, SWFA 5-20

    Looking to sell at least one of these optics. First up is a gen 1 vortex razor 5-20. Great condition, functions as it should. Mil/mil Ebr-2b Christmas tree reticle Vortex scope caps Illumination Tall rings included $1050 shipped Second is a SWFA 5-20 HD Mil/mil Illuminated Throw lever Rings...