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    Accessories WTS: EC TunerBrake

    About 100rds through it Nitride 5/8x24 30Cal $180 Shipped PP F&F
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    Accessories WTS: Manner TCS Butt Weights

    Hi All Ordered 2 to many weight from Manners. They are 30ea new $50 Shipped pp f@f
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    Accessories WTS: JP Muzzle Device

    BNIB Material: 416 stainless Finish: Polished Weight: 5.5 oz. Thread Pitch: 5/8-24 TPI Nut Diameter: .875" OD Comp OD: 1.22" OD Length: 2.75" Exit: .350 85$ shipped pp F&F
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    SOLD F/S: Razor Gen2 H59 4.5-27

    Like new Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56 H59 Mil Reticle Defender eye cover Tenebreax objective cover Includes sunshade It was on my 10/22 super grade for a little while. $1850 Shipped CONUS PP F&F or add 4% for GS
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    SOLD WTS: ARC M10 Rings 34MM

    American Rifle Company Rings 34MM Ring 28MM Height $120 Shipped CONUS PP F&F or add the fee
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    SOLD WTS: 6MM Arc ammo

    380rds Hornady 105g Black match Ammo $600 Shipped
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    SOLD WTS: 6MM Arc Ammo

    510 Rds of Hornady 108g Match Ammo 5 10rd Mag $925 Shipped pp ff
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    SOLD Wts: 6MM ARC Brass

    Once fired hornady 6MM ARC Brass 174 Pieces FL resized, trimmed, tumbled and ready to load 20 Pcs Once fired no prep $110 Shipped
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    SOLD Wts:Razor Gen II 4.5-27 H59

    Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 Horus H59 Mil Reticle Defender Caps Sunshade Had it on a bench gun for a year or so. Asking $1750 Shipped PP F&F or add 4% OBO Not really looking for trades
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    SOLD WTS: PSA 6ARC/65 Gendal BCG

    About 50 Rounds on it $100 Shipped Pics to follow
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    WTB 10/22 stuff

    Hey Guys Putting a 10/22 together for my niece. Looking for factory Trigger group, a lighter barrel, etc Let me know what you got.
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    Accessories WTS: Timney CE 2-Stage R700

    Timney Calvin Elite straight Shoe 2 Stage No bolt stop/release but screw is there $110 Shipped pp F&F
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    SOLD WTS: 6.5PRC Brass & Gauges

    Still finding more 6.5 PRC Stuff Pacific tool & Gauge Go and NoGo Gauges $55 Shipped 151 Pieces Hornady Once fired Brass $60 Shipped
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    SOLD WTS: 6.5PRC Ammo, Mags, Dies

    320 Rounds Hornady 147g ELD M- 650$ Shipped Redding Deluxe 3 Die Set $115 Shipped 2 Custom Accurate Mags with Area419 engraved extenders and 12rd springs (Holds 10rd of PRC)- $210 Shipped for both $950 Shipped for all
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    SOLD Wts: 2 5rd Accurate Mags

    2 New and unused Accurate Mags SA $85 Shipped f&f
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    SOLD Wts: MPA Matrix SA RH

    Decided to go with a different stock/chassis set up. My vudoo was bolted into it then taken back out. MPA Matrix r700 SA Sniper Green SO Custom Weight Kit Wiebad cheek pad All factory accessories, grips, etc. $1425 Shipped
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    SOLD Wts: Bartlein TL3 6.5PRC Barrel/Bolt Head

    Bartlein 26in 1/8t 5/8x24 muzzle thread MTU Contour Prefit for Bighorn TL3 SA BigHorn TL3 Magnum bolt head 320rds down the barrel
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    SOLD WTS: ARC 34Mm Rings

    34MM Ring 28MM Height $110 Shipped
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    SOLD Wts: MPA BA Comp r700SA

    MPA BA Comp R700 SA Burnt Bronze Ryan Castle Cut Full weight Kit All factory accessories Wiebad Cheek Pad 925$ Shipped PP f&f or buyer pays fees pics to follow
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    Reloading Equipment 6MM ARC

    All brass Hornady once fired 81 Pieces FL resized, deburred and ready to Load 69pcs Once fired no prep. Open to offers. Dan