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  1. flopduster

    Upper in stock at pk firearms!! better hurry!
  2. flopduster

    Got everything for build, only took one week!!

    Jumped on the I gotta have one bandwagon last Thursday. Knew a local dealer that had a stripped RR lower stashed so I got it. Also picked up a tapco 6 position stock. Found a RR LPK at pk firearms on monday and ordered it. Kept missing the lowers at PK and PSA, Finally snagged one today from...
  3. flopduster

    6.8 Mags??? Any leads?

    Procrastinator here, got a lower, no upper but have hands on a new Bushy 6.8 complete upper 16", no mags and can't seem to find any online. Mags would help me decide to buy it or wait and find a 223 upper, can get the 6.8 for under 7 bills, under the present conditions, I think thats a fair price.
  4. flopduster

    Gunsmithing Rem 788 safety question.(UPDATED WITH PICS)

    I have a Rem 788 carbine 308 that I love and plan to turn it into my "boxstand" gun. The only problem I have with it is the safety. It will flip off safety with very little pressure, even a brush on your clothes will flip it off. It takes much more pressure to put it back on safety. Is there...
  5. flopduster

    Fieldcraft How well does krylon prevent rust??

    Thinking of painting my barrel and action, will krylon prevent rust? Is alumahyde much better? Any special preps? Primer first? thanks
  6. flopduster

    Mixed powders, what should I do??

    I know is is all my fault, I should never have two powders out at the same time. What I did, I poured approximately 100 grains of IMR 4350 into a jug with @1/2 pound of re-15 in it. Realizing what I did as soon as I did it, I then took my knife and cut the top of the jug right above the powder...
  7. flopduster

    Gunsmithing HELP, stuck ejector!!!! SANTA needs help!

    Working up a load for my son's christmas present today and got to the third load recipe and first shot blew primer. Everything ok except ejector is stuck. Rifle is a marlin xs7 243. Got the pin out and the ejector still won't move. It is recessed about 3/32 inch from bolt face. After removing...
  8. flopduster

    Hunting & Fishing First deer

    It was a great time, he dropped her on the spot. Now we got to find a buck. Rem 788 carbine 308, 150 nbt at 2300fps.
  9. flopduster

    Hunting & Fishing Awesome video...Eagles vs Wolves I need a couple of those!!
  10. flopduster

    How hot is this load? *UPDATED WITH CHRONY DATA!!*

    I am currently running 47.0 gr of re-15 in lapua brass(sized with a collet die) 155 vld bergers load 2.890 coal with br2 primers. I get a little ejector wipe every 6-7 rounds around 85 degrees. It gets hot here in the summer so I don't know if that will cause more serious problems or not. I...
  11. flopduster

    Maggie’s The type girl I want

    When I was 14, I hoped that one day I would have a girlfriend. When I was 16 I got a girlfriend, but there was no passion, so I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life. In college I dated a passionate girl, but she was too emotional. Everything was an emergency; she was a drama...
  12. flopduster

    Seating depth or charge weight? Which is primary?

    I am working on a new load for my rifle. I have selected berger 155 hunting vlds and am using r-15. After researching about loading vlds and reading the berger bulletin about them, I selected a near max powder charge of 46.0 grains, then loaded some work up single rounds in half grain...
  13. flopduster

    Fieldcraft My first Krylon paint job...

    watcha think??
  14. flopduster

    Anyone shooting 155 berger hunting vlds?

    Looking for load info with IMR 4895 or RE-15, scanned the reload depot with minimal results, mostly scenars and varget there. thanks