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  1. jhedg

    Optics XTR II Riflescope 4-20x50mm G2B Mildot

    OBJECTIVE LENS DIAMETER 50mm MAGNIFICATION Zoom: 4X to 20X TUBE DIAMETER 34mm FIELD OF VIEW @ 100 YARDS 26 ft - 5.4 ft EYE RELIEF 3.5" - 4.25" EXIT PUPIL 12mm to 2.5mm RETICLE FOCAL PLANE 1st Focal MIL/MIL 600.00 Yes I have the box
  2. jhedg

    Optics Reduced/Athlon Optics , Ares BTR , Riflescope , 4.5-27 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30mm Tube, Illuminated APLR3 MIL Reticle

    Athlon Optics , Ares BTR , Riflescope , 4.5-27 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30mm Tube, Illuminated APLR3 MIL Reticle. Haven't even put a round down range with it yet, its been sitting on my Gap 300wsm. Really want to scratch my Glock itch with a new custom slide so something has to go, and I...
  3. jhedg

    Firearms 300wsm GAP/w KRG XRAY

    I bought this 4yrs ago, and have only shot it twice, need the funds for a down payment on a GMC. 24" SS barrel has a Timmney 2.4lb flat trigger, Surfire MB. action is also stainless, it was cerekote some is chipping, action was also trued up. I think the barrel is a Krieger, sorry it was...
  4. jhedg

    Tripod adapter

    Does anyone make a adapter that you can mount to your ball head where your binos/lrf/spotter can sit next to your Hog Saddle? Thanks all!!
  5. jhedg

    Steiner military 20 x 80 binos

    Have a chance to get a good deal on a used pair of these, anyone with any exsperience with them?? How would they compair to say Vortex Kiababs, or the other high end Binos. My use would be Coues deer hunting
  6. jhedg


    anyone ever had it? what did you do for it.
  7. jhedg

    Gunsmithing Trigger Questions

    Never did my own trigger on a 700, I mean install one. I am going to get a Timmney 517, the rifle it is going on has no trigger at all. My question is what will I need to buy besides the trigger itself. ie: pins/bolt stop etc... Also if there are any easier triggers to install, let me know...
  8. jhedg

    Hunting & Fishing Dove

    Anyone getting fired up for dove season? I will be in Vegas, but if any of you guys could help me out who live right across the border in AZ for ideas where to go it would be appreciated
  9. jhedg

    Group help please

    Here are the specs of the rifle Rem 700 30-06 in a AICS 22.5" barrel, fatbastard brake Timmeny trigger, badger rings, Farrel Base. Scope is a Burris 4-16x50 Xtreme Tactical XTR 30mm Rifle Scope. Load is 60gr RE22/208 AMAX OAL 3.47 here is last weeks 5 shot load development Was going to do my...
  10. jhedg

    30-06/208 AMAX /Results

    Well I finally decided to try the 208,s with my 06. Here is some data along with the pic of the groups. all where five shot but the bottom one, that is only two, I followed up with 3 more when I returned, but I did not snap a pic then I was in a hurry. I would like to thank Montana Marine, I...
  11. jhedg

    AA 3100

    I don't suppose anyone would have a 8lb jug layin around, stupid question huh
  12. jhedg

    GAP 308 Question

    I purchesed this about 3yrs ago. My question is if I try to re sell it, how do I know what work was done on it from GAP. When I got it a guy was selling it for his friend, and back then I did not even ask what work was done, or what barrel was put on it. I got a really good deal!!! so I...
  13. jhedg

    Rifle Scopes Good 1" tube Glass

    What is the best one inch tube glass that some of you guts like for hunting. I would really like if any one has any input on Dot type scopes from 4-10 power. Thanks
  14. jhedg

    Gunsmithing MacMillan Savage stock help!!!

    Just purchesed this stock here, my question is. I have never done a Savage build before, so I am unsure what the pillers ar to look like. as you can see the rear piller it is split, is that what it is to look like. there was a repair tag on the stock from MacMillan. Any help would be appriciated
  15. jhedg

    Neil Jones Sizing Die HELP HELP

    was looking for a little help/w the sizing die. does not seem to size the neck, bullets just slip and slide up and down in the neck after I resize. I read all the instructions can't seem to get it to size the neck at all, any thing I am missing?
  16. jhedg

    Rifle Scopes 1-4 Vortex PST

    Will it be 50 tested. I mean 50 Beowulf The Wulf can screw up lesser optics. I would love to get one for the Wulf. Just concerned about the continued pounding it will take. Its been harder on any optics I ever owned. Its eatin a Eotech, Lupy. Do you guys think it will hold up
  17. jhedg

    Range Report yippie first time to 1000

    shot from here shot to here shot/w this/1 sighter
  18. jhedg

    Range Report 500yrd group help please

    took the 300wm out for my first mil/mil exsperance, and I think I am going to like it better then the MOA I used to use. Well anyways I dont have a target to show you so I hope you can understand. Here goes. Ranged the target/w a LRF @ 507yds. Chroned loads as follows. 210vld/w IMR 4350...
  19. jhedg

    243ai anyone

    Anyone shooting the 105-115 and using a AI magazine, I am shooting 75gr Amax at 3770, 26", and have a little room left. I want to do another 243AI/w a 1/7 or 1/8 with a long barrel maybe 29-30" and shoot the larger weight. I have taken Groundhogs a little over 800yds already/w the 75's. I...
  20. jhedg

    Hunting & Fishing My groundhog spots: Revised: more photos

    Got 3 yesterday 715yds, 603yds, 535yds took about 10 shots at one 889yds never did connect missed that bastard on my last shot by looked like inches, also missed one at 463yds go figure [/url][/img]