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    7 ELR

    300rds no accuracy node yet . Clean 60-100rds I would say don't throat the 7mm mag doesn't need it . I did it 338 edge gain alot of capacity also experience accuracy issues with the 338. Try different powder 7828 imr 4350 imr 7977 any reloader 22 or higher. I like expander mandrels for neck...
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    50 Bmg Blow up....

    Serbu barrel threads very close to M2 bmg barrel . Assume that damage could have happen in any 50bmg platform but injuries would have been much less in other designs
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    Rifle Case 50 BMG

    Midway sniper drag bag also just fit my 50bmg 56" stick your muzzle out . Found 90's skb keyboard case not sure model 60" internal length 22" height need to put the seats down in my vehicle or transport in truck or van muzzle brake tank style Armalite ar-50 way better than those shark brakes
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    Opinions on AR10 caliber

    7mm-08 ar10 18" 1-10 my velocity are on the low side " could be my barrel / chamber" . OAL length issues getting into 162 > along with pressure increase. Cheaper and more availability bullets in the 120-150gr Bc is lower vs 6.5. Resizing 308 brass is EZ + LC brass more pressure which you can...
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    1400 Yard Goal 7mm Rem Mag

    I start out @ 1600 take it out to 2000-2200 Krieger barrel 28" 8.5 180 eld hard to spot impacts
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    .416 Barrett M99 accuracy?

    I take 50 bmg long rang SD 60+ . Vihtavuori and RL50 best bet lower SD Brass-neck turning, annealing, weight sorting bullets, water volume brass maybe heat up rounds before shooting
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    Rifle Scopes Looking to buy Athlon Midas Tac . Is the APRS 3 worth the extra bucks over the 2???

    x-mas hide some of your impacts + majority of the time will be using main reticle holding edge of plate
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    Which .50 BMG? Semi or bolt?

    Bolt- Reload fmj ,incendiary, apit, and solids usually take those out to 1600 different watching ignition flash and smoke. Then I use amax for 2000 yards and further.
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    AR10 driving me crazy

    magazine or drill out gas port more " I had it suppressed. That's the only time out has ever shot great " <- more bolt velocity
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    Rifle Scopes Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 SFP, Yay or nay?

    argos out mile all the time extra money put it towards 45 moa base , rings or mount
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    Powder Valley Has H4350! Get it while it's there. VARGET TOO!

    #8 h50 crying about 2yrs back
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    h1000 h50 varget its back bring the horde
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    use surplus 50 bmg 100 fps slower than magnum good enough 1600 yards or so
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    Range Report 7mm 180 ELDM blow ups.

    no issues lot from 2yrs ago 3000fps 8.5 twist 4 groove 2000 yards
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    Rifle Scopes Adjustable Scope Base?
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    Where to find barrel temperature strips?

    mirage gets worse then its time cool it down
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    Best 22 nosler barrel

    don't do it brass sucks can't push the pressure close to 5.56 keep bending the rims
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    Rem 700 scope base suggestions please

    60 MOA in LA
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    AR10 Build

    use 18" 7mm-08 ar10 generally shoot 139gr some 150g. My chamber likes 3031 / faster burning powders. I can't use 160g higer bc bullets without dropping alot of pressure dealing OAL. I don't think my throat has moved 1k+ rounds my velocity is around 2600fps ( slower barrel 6 groove x-caliber)...