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    Gunsmithing Savage Axis Rifle

    I am planning a build using the Axis rifle action.I need to have a bolt face for the WSM cartridge head.Will the standard magnum head that fits the 10-110 series of rifles fit this series as well, or can the standard 06 size head be opened up to that size.This is a push feed action.Thank you!
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    Sierra 90gr Machkings

    I have been looking for a cartridge that will fire the 70-90 gr .224 caliber bullets at subsonic velocity.The .224 whisper 90/221 cartridge has been recommended by my reamer tool maker. Dose any one here have any experience tips or helpful comments on this combination or a better one.I have...
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    Gunsmithing .458 subsonic

    I have been looking for a .458 to 50 caliber subsonic chambering some thing that uses a common case un-belted if possible.I like the 458 whisper or the 50 whisper but ssk will not rent me there reamers any ideas on wildcats that are clones.Ive got a great host action a 1917 eddystone so cases up...