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    Ammo Stocks Management Software?

    I know not everybody has this issue...and I am not trying to create a topic about 1%'ers....with that in mind hear my issue and help me figure out a solution... The recent Hurricane Sandy fiasco has made me aware that I am not effectively managing my ammo inventory. I needed to secure my entire...
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    Hunting & Fishing .Gone

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    Scrub the topic. Thanks
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    Rifle Scopes Grading System

    So I was looking for a cheap piece of glass for a project I just wrapped up. Came across an IOR 4-14 that I considered a decent buy at $800 - read over the grading system A,B,C everything indicated that the scopes are thoroughly examined and graded accordingly. I even read over some other scopes...
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    So I stumbled into this gem today.......

    Background: I am tracking a guy who stiffed me for $40k....while looking I found this gem of a video. I found it far too good a piece not to share...dig the logo.
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    Job Opportunity Mid-Atlantic Region Generator Svc

    My company is hiring a generator technician. Its a solid opportunity for the right person - must have EXTENSIVE background with generator service and setup. Flip me a PM. All the normal goodies as well as decent pay scale. Workzone - MD,DE,NJ,VA,PA etc. MODS: If this is in the wrong place -...
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    Rifle Scopes Nikon M223 has landed......

    Ok so I have been waiting a while for this particular scope to finally start delivering. I received mine today from OpticsPlanet. They of course showed both the scope and mount in stock when I ordered and then sent the mount into backorder status after taking my CC information. That is beside...
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    Rifle Scopes Need some NIKON Dealer Help.....Trying to locate.

    Trying to locate/purchase a M-223. Nikon#8489. Anybody have one in stock and ready to ship?
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    Rifle Scopes AN/GVS-5 - Need Info

    Stumbled across one - figured I should own it. Any input - good, bad or ugly? This just does range only correct? It does not have a built in laser hold button to mark objects for NV? Please confirm - Thanks