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  1. Juggerxxx

    Firearms WTS Thunder Beast 100% Cert

    I have a 100% certificate for sale for a thunder beast suppressor. Asking $950.
  2. Juggerxxx

    Rifle Competition Events WYCO (Wyoming Colorado) PRS Series

    Here is a link if anyone is interested in joining the series. Great for the local PRS community and a good way to meet like minded people.
  3. Juggerxxx

    Primers in Stock at good good to be true?

    I have never heard of this site before and it seems to good to be true. Anyone ever used this site before?
  4. Juggerxxx

    Reloading Equipment Want to trade CCI200 for SRP In Colorado

    Sorry not looking to sell any. Anyone in Colorado want to trade CCI200 primes for any small rifle primers? Would prefer cci400 or cci450 or even Federal. I have up to 5,000 of them that I would like to trade.
  5. Juggerxxx

    Ejector circles (pressure) from high primers?

    I am getting ejector circles on most of the 150 pieces of 6GT Hornady Gap brass I have fired with a very mild load on a brand new barrel. Load = 108Eld, 34.5gr h4259 @ 2700fps and 35.5gr H4350 @ 2800fps. When looking for what the issue could be I found that most or almost all the brass when...
  6. Juggerxxx

    Desert Tech Recoil Fulcrum Point

    I hope someone smarter than myself can figure this out and I hope I can even ask the question in a way that makes sense. I have been going to PRS style matches with my desert tech SRS for almost a year now. One thing I have been fighting is a considerable amount of muzzle rise when a round goes...
  7. Juggerxxx

    Firing Pin for PSA-10

    Was dry firing my PSA10 in 6.5CM the other day and broke the tip of my firing pin off. Looked on the PSA website to buy another one but they have been back ordered for 2 weeks now. Can anyone suggest another firing pin that will work in a gen 2 PSA10 chambered in 6.5CM Thank you
  8. Juggerxxx

    Wow Midway is getting more and more greedy

    Took me long enough but I finally wised up after noticing a steady increase in price for the 140gr ELD at Midway. I’ll stop being so lazy and look around at prices before ordering from Midway from now on.
  9. Juggerxxx

    Reloader 26 and Retumbo Burn Rate

    I have been searching for quite sometime now but have not been able to find a burn rate chart with both RL26 and Retumbo on the same chart. If I piece together different charts and numbers they seem to have almost the same burn rates but with Retumbo being ever so slightly slower. I have had...
  10. Juggerxxx

    $99 for 250 of Prime/Norma 6.5CM Brass

    Thought I would pass along what looks to be a good deal on 250 pieces of Prime/Norma 6.5CM brass. I have never used Prime brass before but have heard good things about it.
  11. Juggerxxx

    Loose primer pockets on Starline

    I purchased 150 pieces of large primer Starline brass for the first time. It’s for an AR10 chambered in 6.5CM. I believe I am on my 4th or 5th firing and 50% of them have loose primer pockets to the point of almost no resistance when seating the primer. 4 of them would even have the primer fall...
  12. Juggerxxx

    True and Glue Before and After PSA-65

    As of posting this thread I only have data for the before. I hope to be done truing and gluing and firing three more 5 shot groups for both the 147ELD and 140ELD in the next couple of weeks. Not sure if it will make it shoot better, the same or even worse. The cheap gas gun seems to like 147ELD...
  13. Juggerxxx

    Help identify odd marks on bolt

    The rifle is a PSA-10 chambered in 6.5CM. Only 300-400 rounds on it and it has started double feeding. Meaning; not ejecting the spent case and picking up one from the magazine and then the issue of two hot dogs in one bun. I started looking for what might be causing the issue and ran across...
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    No longer selling.
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    Help with cartridge identification please

    Coworker gave a bunch of these to me because she didn’t believe it was a good idea to throw them in the trash. I searched a bit but was unable to figure out what they are. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. Juggerxxx

    147gr ELD and Reloader 26 Test

    I have seen some people having good results with Reloader 26 so I decided to give it a try with the 147gr ELDs in my 28” long barrel. Only loaded up 9 rounds with increments of 0.5gr for each starting at 43gr and stopping at 47gr. I was amazed at how little of point of impact change there was...
  17. Juggerxxx

    Why don’t more people use Drones?

    I was on line the other day looking for two items; new extended range finder and a target cam and i had an idea. Why not a drone and kill two birds with one stone? They essentially are an accurate range finder to within a foot or so and you can hover for 30 minutes above the target to get very...
  18. Juggerxxx

    Good or Bad Brass Cleaning Method?

    Good idea or bad idea for cleaning brass? I like how it slightly scratches the case to help grip the chamber walls better.
  19. Juggerxxx

    H1000 or Retumbo in a 32” Barrel?

    I’m not asking which powder you like better but rather which powder would work better in a 32”, 338LM barrel pushing 230gr and 285gr bullets? Would a slower burning powder get better velocity in the longer barrel pushing both weights of bullets?
  20. Juggerxxx

    New Hornady 230gr ELDX 338

    I just happen to notice Hornady is offering a 338 230gr ELDX. It is appealing to me since they can be purchased for $40 in a 100ct as opposed to the 285gr ELD at $40 for only 50 of them. I would like to use them in a 338 Lapua Magnum, 32”, 10 twist barrel. The box recommends a 12 twist barrel...