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    Short Action Customs 260

    I'm sure <span style="color: #FF9900">Mark at SAC</span> doesn't need this plug but he did an awesome job with this rifle. Surgeon 591 24" Bartlein medium palma Manners MCS-T with the mini chassis The rifle shoots as good as it looks. My load is 43.3 grains of H4350 in Lapua brass...
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    Photos please delete

    please delete
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    New FN SPR A2 pics!

    New rifle that I traded with my AR10T for. Thanks Wifly4food! Pretty much an FN SPR A2 with a custom SS barrel all gunsmithing job was done by Chad Houser from North Kakalaki. I shot her this weekend and she consistently printed 1/2 moa with 5 rounds or less at 100 yards with my handloads (I...
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    Rifle Scopes Quick detach 34mm rings question

    Hey guys other than the ARMS 34mm is there any other company that offers a quick detachable rings in 34mm? The ARMS looks pretty high. I'm looking for one at around 0.8 something to 1.0. I'm about to purchase another PH 3-15 and would like to put a quick detach rings on it. Thanks, Joseph
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    AR10 20 rnd Magazine heads up

    Hey guys I just wanted to share what I found. 5 pack 20 round AR10 magazines for $150 + shipping.
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    Sexy pics... (range report)

    I think I'm done buying rifles for now... This hobby is quite expensive. More pics and a range report tom. Enjoy... Oh yeah thanks to everybody who convinced me to drop the money into the AR10 (you know who you are) and Mr. Dustin "<span style="color: #CC6600">Hitechtactical</span>"...
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    Armalite AR10 (T) available, link inside

    Alright guys I have tried searching but nothing useful came up. I'm contemplating about purchashing an AR10 TN, it's a special editon T. The barrel is sand blasted instead of being shiny and the forward part of the handguard has four rails on it. I know they are guaranteed 1MOA. How true is...