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  1. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes S&B PM II parallax question

    19scout77, you my friend are the.... Puwahahaha.
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    Gunsmithing Virgin Remington 700 Actions :(

    Welcome to the world of remington actions.
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    Gunsmithing Best Video on Barreling & Chambering on the web!

    So much for cleaning the reamer.
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    Gunsmithing Lathe Confusion.

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    Gunsmithing Lathe Confusion.

    My Automation direct GS2 VFD converts my single phase 220 into 3 phase 220. You may want to look into that.
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    Gunsmithing Chatter on barrel threads

    ^^^ this
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    Gunsmithing What is really needed to true up a factory Rem. Action?

    True lugs and a square shoulder on both the action ad barrel.
  8. jerseymike

    So, I decided to take apart my rifle.

    So, I decided to take apart my rifle which I had made about two years ago. It hasnt been shot much, maybe 500 or so rounds down the pipe. The rifle is a bat action with a krieger barrel chambered in 243. The rifle shoots fairly well, 1/2-3/4 MOA. I was pretty happy with that. Honestly, I only...
  9. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing New Grizzly G0670 Lathe

    Instead of looking at a phase converter, you may want to look at a variable frequency drive. I have one on my south bend lathe and it has been a blessing to use.
  10. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing Seized Surefire Brake

    .503 is a fair amount over for the major. It was probably even bigger before you threaded the brake on. Mic the tenon of the barrel before slapping that brake on it. Look for .498-.500.
  11. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing rebarreling an already trued action? ?

    We do not touch the threads inside the action.
  12. jerseymike

    Mk248 mod 0 worth?

    Anyone know what this ammo is worth? I'm sure someone will say it's worth nothing, send it to me.
  13. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing Automation direct VFD GS2 on Southbend lathe question.

    Im in the middle of installing an Automation Direct variable frequency drive model (GS2) on my Southbend heavy 13. The wiring diagram shows 3 lines connecting from the AC motor to the VFD. The issue is my AC motor has 6 wires coming from it. According to the diagram 1,2,3 wires are dedicated to...
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    Gunsmithing good deal?

    Cool thanks fellas, I'll snap a few pics.
  15. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing good deal?

    I recently purchased a south bend heavy 13 (CL145C) with a 6 foot bed for 4K. Ive used it for about a month and bought it from the owner. So i know if works and is true. this is what it came with. 2 chucks, buck 6 jaw and 4 jaw aloris axa with 5 holders collet closer and a bunch of collets, i...
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    Gunsmithing Swapping a barrel on an AW, any tips?

    not sure about the thick rubber, but business cards seem to do the trick.
  17. jerseymike

    Gunsmithing Cerakote coming off

    Definitely poor preparation. The cerakote should not flake off. It will wear in places where their are tight tolerances.
  18. jerseymike

    Rifle Scopes Burris XTR II Rifle Scopes

    The hdmr and the Burris are in a whole different category.