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    Truth about blueprinting a Rem 700

    Most Custom rifle builders when blueprinting a Rem 700 action, they true up the receiver face, threads, and lug seats. Then the factory bolt gets face and lugs trued. If you indicate the bolt in by the firing pin hole, then the body isn`t running true...
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    Gunsmithing Shilen Ratchet Rifling?

    I was told that Schneider makes the Ratchet rifled barrels for Shilen. Don`t know if thats true but either way I have one that Schneider made for me in 338. Great shooting barrel. I chambered mine in 338 Excaliber and hit steel with it out to 2449yds.
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    Member Link Up Any long range shooters in East TN.

    Send me a PM about shooting extreme long range. We just got permission on bigger piece of property. Got steel out to over 3600yds.
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    Gunsmithing Headspacing Question on my .375 Chey Tac

    Actually the 375 Cheytac came out before the 408. Cheytac had Sierra to make around 500lbs of 350gr Matchkings for testing but since it lacked BC, the 375 was dropped. Then the 408 came out. Cheytac and Lost River combined to make the 408 bullet. The rest is history.
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    Surgeon Action???

    Has anyone ordered and received a Surgeon action lately? I ordered a 591 16months ago and still nothing. I called Surgeon today and lady said she had no idea when actions will be made again and for me to call Mr. Ford. His voicemail said Mcmillan Firearms. Apparently he is over Surgeon now?
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    Gunsmithing Stiller reciever

    Yes. 1.0625 but measure to make sure.
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    Remington 1903A4 Sniper Rifle Action/M82 Scope

    Just in case someone is wanting to build an original 1903A4 Sniper rifle, there is a complete Remington 1903A4 action with M82 scope on Gunbroker for sale. Item number is #397947053.
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    Forends too short on long barrel rifles

    Seems like the trend today is longer barrels, yet the stock makers still use the standard forend length which looks short when used with 30" barrels with muzzlebrakes. I have talked to Manners & Mcmillan about this and they say it would require new molds. I understand that but take for example...
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    Redding lock rings suck!

    Don't use lock rings. Let the die "float". Helps reduce runout.
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    6.5x284 vs 6.5 SAUM

    We all want faster cartridges but at what point is barrel life a concern? The 6.5x284 is one of the most accurate cartridges of all time. It has roughly 1000rd barrel life, that is 1/2 moa life. Once accuracy gets worse than that, it`s time for me to change barrel. Since the 6.5 SAUM uses more...
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    Range Report 3 fps deviation out of 6.5x47

    I mean 5 shot, 3/4" group @ 300yds.
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    Range Report 3 fps deviation out of 6.5x47

    Just remember that just because your ES & SD is great doesn`t mean accuracy will be. Tried AR Comp in 308, Lapua brass, 175gr Berger, Pacnor barrel, Mcmillan stock, Jewell trigger, ES & SD were single digit but accuracy was terrible, 1 moa @ 300yds. Getting ready to try some H-4895 & Varget...
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    Range Report 338 lapua range day h1000 vs retumbo

    I don`t run mags. The case neck is full of bullet, boattail in shoulder only. I can`t see running a mag box on my 338. I only shoot my 338 at 1 mile and beyond. One barrel is a 10 twist Schneider with less than 300rds through it and the other is a 9.5 twist Bartlein thats new. PTG makes reamers...
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    Range Report 338 lapua range day h1000 vs retumbo

    I run 92gr of Retumbo out of 30" barrel with 300gr Berger at 2860fps. Shot this load out to 2449yds with great accuracy. Tried H-1000 but couldn`t get the velocity or accuracy. I work up loads until my rifles shoot .600-.700 consistently at 300yds. I run my virgin brass over a K&M expander...
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    Range Report New 30cal magnum?

    Only problem with the 30-375 is Hornady is the only manufacture of the brass. I`m not a big fan of Hornady brass. Even their match brass is low quality.
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    Range Report New 30cal magnum?

    I see that particular cartridge dying soon. The WSM`s and RSAUM killed it.
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    Range Report New 30cal magnum?

    I think we need a new factory 30cal magnum. The 300 Ultra and 300 Norma Mag is too much of a good thing. Barrel burners for sure. The 300 Accuracy International (30-375 Ruger) isn`t going to happen. With todays new high BC bullets, 215gr, 225gr, and 230gr bullets, I believe the 300 Dakota would...
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    Range Report List of .338 cartridges

    Seems like the .338 caliber cartridges is more popular today than ever. And versatile. Here is a list of the most used .338 cartridges. Feel free to add. This list includes the most popular based on case head size. .338 Thumper .338 Spectre .338 Federal .338 RCM .338 WSM (Win did make but it...
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    Gunsmithing Mossberg 472 parts?

    I need the hammer housing for a Mossberg 472. Can anyone help? I posted this also in the WTB section.