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    Gunsmithing From the aircraft maintenance world,penetrant/lube

    Re: From the aircraft maintenance world,penetrant/lube Finally a subject I can talk about - I am a huge fan of the WET products... My primary is WET Platinum - very light and long lasting. Hardly ever have to re-wet once applied. Its odor free and cleans up very easy.
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    9mm and 45 acp

    Re: 9mm and 45 acp W231 - Its all I use...but I also have ungodly amounts and want to use it up...
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    Maggie’s runningwithscissors and spiralseal

    Re: runningwithscissors and spiralseal Hey if a rinse wont work - lets try something different like a nice warm shower.
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    Dillion 2 months backlog

    Re: Dillion 2 months backlog Its been like this since 12/17 - they are complete assholes. The Dillon NO BS. - yeah that went out the window as well. I called up 12/19 for parts and was told basically...nope not in stock. Said ok..could I purchase the broken part for another machine...oh sure...
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    Suppressors Tuning Noveske switch block?

    Re: Tuning Noveske switch block? In speaking with Noveske directly I was told you can self tune your switchblock using a set of feeler gauges and gently sliding the gasblock back from the shoulder. This was apparently the way to tune gas pressure before switchblocks per the gentleman on the...
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    Ammo Stocks Management Software?

    Re: Ammo Stocks Management Software? Damn, slow down guys...I am not trying to start a pissing match! I have received a contact back from the Shotworks guys and they are working on developing something along the lines of what I am requesting. (In essence an add-on to their current...
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    Ammo Stocks Management Software?

    Re: Ammo Stocks Management Software? No excel.... I want something like ShotworksPro - but with a reloading inventory management component. I reached out to them but I did not figure one dude looking for it would warrant them making an upgrade...
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    Ammo Stocks Management Software?

    I know not everybody has this issue...and I am not trying to create a topic about 1%'ers....with that in mind hear my issue and help me figure out a solution... The recent Hurricane Sandy fiasco has made me aware that I am not effectively managing my ammo inventory. I needed to secure my entire...
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    Hunting & Fishing .Gone

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    Rifle Scopes REM. 700 .308

    Re: REM. 700 .308 NB - you know the rules. Build the stick then get the training...geez. Besides this guy is a H.O.G. already....hello...
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    Rifle Scopes REM. 700 .308

    Re: REM. 700 .308 In all you have access to a welder or somebody who can help you with welding? Taking a gun like that to 1000yds is going to require welded scope mounts.... an alternative would be to bed the action and scope rings with JB weld until you can send it out to...
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    Suppressors ?'s for 762-SDN-6 owners

    Re: ?'s for 762-SDN-6 owners This is a good can. I have had mine for almost a year now and its been very reliable for POI shift. I shoot it through the 2-chamber brake like the previous poster. Can mounted - Shoots POA Can unmounted - Shoots 1.25" 3-O'clock. This has been consistent since...
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    Suppressors Best suppressor for .308

    Re: Best suppressor for .308 it depends on YOUR ear...perceived sound is more important than measurable sound. personally I like the AAC flips between multiple hosts easy enough and POI has not been a pain to tune.
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    Suppressors 7.62 SD AAC shooting with 300WM, yes

    Re: 7.62 SD AAC shooting with 300WM, yes .300Wm - NOT ADVISABLE through the 7.62Sd-N6. I own one...and I have a local dealer who has one. We shot a ton of crap through his N6 and sure enough the rear of the can started to expand in the blast chamber. I reccomend anyone who has a N6 - DO NOT...
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    Suppressors suppressed MAC

    Re: suppressed MAC $3500 is fair market value for a PS M10 - .45 The matching "can" is more than likey a Sionics Wipe-type can which is a mess to service and not as effective as newer technology. I just acquired a Mac10 that belonged to grandfather and somehow made its way back into the area...
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    Fieldcraft my new ghillie suit in progress

    Re: my new ghillie suit in progress Need more pics of you..maybe in full suit standing.
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    Fieldcraft Cnc operator wanted for aw project

    Re: Cnc operator wanted for aw project <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: jasonk</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Can I ask why you wouldn't just buy an AW Airsoft? </div></div> You mean somebody already makes a AW airsoft gun...DAMN IT! Time to work...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Quality 9mm Bulk Ammo??

    Re: Quality 9mm Bulk Ammo?? Magtech blows..I have had multiple issues with magtech amo over various calibers and weapons. I have been running Federal 147 JHP lately suppressed and un-suppresed quality has been excellent.
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    Scrub the topic. Thanks
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    Re: Good Guy List EUROOPTIC - Alex Roy Absolute best customer service, prompt phone calls, excellent product and timely shipping. He even takes E-Checks from a boat in the middle of the Atlantic. Euro-Optic is no question the finest outfit I have ever had the pleasure of buying from.