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    Rifle Scopes help me spot a fake ACOG

    I found this deal on craigslist for 500 dollars and in my experience when it is to good to be true it usually is. it is a model TA31RCO-A4. If I am not mistaken this model is supposed to have a red fiber optic on top and this one does not. So i just wanted a second opinion on whether or not this...
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    Needing a turtle plinker

    As the tilte says I am wanting to get a gun for shooting turtles. I have an old Colt semi auto 22lr right now that I am using but I would like something more accurate. Im looking for something full size with a heavy barrel. My price point is under 750 with a scope. I am looking for...
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    Hunting & Fishing First bear hunt

    Alright there may be more questions to come this being my first time hunting bear's and all, but I want everything to go well. The hunt will be at then end of November for Black Bear. I want to first make sure my weapon and load is right. The firearm is a 300 Weatherby Magnum Mark 5 in a...
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    Rifle Scopes Minox Scope

    Sorry for being that guy who posts these cookie cutter what do ya'll think threads but it looks like that's what I am going to have to do. A buddy of mine bought a Minox 4x20x50 last year and never ended up using it, and now wants to sell it to me. Its a great deal im just not very familiar...
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    Gunsmithing bolt shroud functionality?

    Pretty plain and simple i am working on another Tikka build. Somehow i seemed to have misplaced the Bolt Shroud. I am going to order another one. but for the time being is there any reason i could not fire the weapon without it? is this a safety problem?
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    HS Precision Bases?

    i was wondering what the different options are on a HS Precision HTR. for a scope base? thanks all help is greatly appreciated
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    Hunting & Fishing Baying a wild pig gone wrong

    tittle pretty much says it all
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    Hunting & Fishing Texas Hog Hunt Report

    Just thought I would share some pictures and the story of my last 4 days hog hunting. I will have to add onto this when time permits but just thought i would get it up before i go to sleep. a friend and myself took our dogs out to Throckmroton Texas to try and get on some swine this weekend. We...
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    Hunting & Fishing Trail Cam Pic Collaboration

    I know this has probably been tried before. but heres another… Post your tail cam pics here for everyone to oggle. I'll start it off with some and as i get time post more
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    Hunting & Fishing Big Bang VS. Good shot?

    This is a bit off topic but i was just curious to hear others opinion in this scenario. I was running dogs with a guy last night for hogs and we started shootin' the shit about hunting and what not. And somewhere along the conversation I mentioned that i reload for my rifles to increase...
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    Cabelas Promo codes

    Alright, I always see the Midway USA promo codes thread on here so lets give this a try. I feel like ever week I get letter that has promo codes for 50$ $200 and $500 dollar codes, but now that I need one I don't have it. If anyone has their promo code for Bass Pro or Cabelas that would be a...
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    Silver State Armory ammunition

    I was at my local gun shop earlier today trying to pick up some FGM match 308 ammo. The owner told me he was out but started telling me about some other ammo that he had. It is made by Silver State Armory they had 150 grain FMJ's and some other loads. After looking at some 168Gr Sierra's he told...
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    Marine Corps Recruiting

    I honestly have no idea if this is where i should post this or for that matter if it is even allowed. I am considering joining the marines and given the subject of this website I assume there are some retired and currently enlisted Men. I was just wondering what you think about your career...
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    Hunting & Fishing Trophy Room Pics

    I would love to see some pictures of some of yalls trophy rooms. I was cleaing some mounts the other day and took a picture to send to a friend who wanted to see and it got me thinking I would love to see what everyone has up on the walls. here was the pic from cleaning i took.
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    under bold markings?

    never really payed any attention to the bottom of a rem 700 bolt before. I was just curious what the different stampings are the C looks normal but the A seems out of place seeing as though its upside down from the C
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    never seen one of these

    just wanted to put a pic up from a gun i saw for sale in my local shop yesterday. it is a mauser, but ive never seen anything quite like this, looks like a fun little set up the stock says mauser on it as well. reminds me of the Tikka Master Sporter. If anyone knows anything about these i would...
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    Tikka action screws

    pretty much plain and simple i am looking to find some t3 action screws. I checked Midway and nothing. Just wanted to see if anyone knew a place where you could order them. A place that accepted Paylpal would be a huge plus thanks, Tikka'd
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    Rifle Scopes Sightron SIII tracking ?

    been searching around a bit on here as well as midway and swfa and i am trying to find the elevation and windage tracking amounts for the SIII. there website says Windage Elevation Travel-100 im not sure if that is 100 moa maximum square travel or what if someone with more knowledge on this...
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    Maggie’s DOG NAMES

    not to sure where this should go. but as far as i can tell there just about anything you can imagine in this section So my question is What are the best dog names you have? doesnt matter weather its your dog a friends dog or just a name you like My favorite name of my pups is VIc. its a 110...
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    AI mag MODS

    this might be a dumb question but i just put CDI DBM on a rem 700 SA and this is my first rifle that i have put DBM on. it is chambered in 6mm Rem so i purchased a 308 AI mag. i just loaded it for the first time (Gun is not on hand at the moment) and i was wondering if the feed lips need any...