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    Harris 9-13 or 6-9

    Hi im currently debating on which bipod to get. It will be going on a Remington 700 and be used mostly off the bench but occasionally on the ground prone. No local stores have either in stock to see. What do you guys use? Which does the military use?(Not to be a military follower)...
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    New rifle, couple concerns.

    I just got a brand new Rem 700 SPS tactical. Im not new to these ive had a couple sps tacticals in the past. I have a couple concerns though. 1. The rifle is brand new but the trigger seems out of spec to me. The Xmark pro trigger adjustment screw is protruding out of the bottom. Never saw this...
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    Gunsmithing Torque wrenches/screwdrivers

    What do you guys use. I see these three the most common. 1. Wheeler F.A.T wrench around $50 2. Weaver Torque wrench around $50 3. Borka Torque wrench around $120 I know of course the Borka is going to be the top notch but whats wrong with the wheeler or weaver? I heard bad reviews and good...
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    Who lives in Georgia?

    I may be moving here late next year. Havent decided on a town! But see ALOT of you live here. So i was curious whats some nice rural, low crime, nice, active towns, with alot of shooting ranges/clubs. Thanks!
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    I can haz m24.

    So at work(dicks sporting goods) we received the new special order book and it seems they have some new toys in it. They have listed the M24, the 700p systems, and pretty much all 870p models. Just thought it was pretty cool.
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    Rifle Scopes Badger Ordnance rust

    <span style="font-size: 26pt">Just received a brand new rail in the mail. 7/27/2012</span> <span style="font-size: 26pt">Badger Ordnance took care of the problem on 7/19/2012 no questions asked!</span>
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    Rifle Scopes Cant decide which rings.

    These ones or these ones The price diffence is going to be the same because for the maximized ones i am buying the $36 1in reducers. Which ones would you guys...
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    Rifle Scopes Which Badger Rings?

    I have a Remington 700 that has a Badger steel 20moa base and i need rings. I currently have a 1inch tube scope with a 40mm lens. So i would either need a pair of rings that come with the 1in inserts or get a pair and buy the inserts. The inserts alone are like $36 dollars. I am going to upgrade...
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    Rifle Scopes Whichs rings...

    I just returned the Burris XTR rings. I hated them!!!! Well i was going to order the TPS rings but they are back ordered. So should i wait for the TPS rings or step it up and get the EGW Rings with ring reducers for another $50?
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    New rifle which one?

    Ok so i just found out through my job that i get pretty good discounts on all Remington firearms. So......Thats means a new rifle ;] My two current options are the SPS tactical .308 or the SPS AAC-SD. As you know both guns are almost identical except the AAC-SD has a threaded barrel and has a...
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    Gunsmithing To get a no/go gauge or not.

    So i had two 700's both .308 sps. I guess when i was cleaning them i mixed up the bolts with the serial numbers and now i have a 700 with a different bolt. I know the easy answer would be switch them back over but i sold the other 700. So the question is should i buy the gauges? I have already...
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    Range Report 175gr or 168gr???

    I just got a new scope and im re zeroing my rifle im going to buy a bulk amount of ammo from the same lot. Just curious if i should stick with the 168gr .308 bullets or 175gr. Im zeroing at 100yds and heard that their isnt much difference between them at 100yds. I plan to shoot from 100yd to...
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    Rifle Scopes A couple questions with base and rings.

    Ok im going with a new setup on my Remington 700 sps in .308. I am ordering this scope Bushnell tactical 10x40 URL Now i am stuck on what size rings to get and to go with a 20moa base or flat. I ASSUME i should stick with low rings but what rings can i get for around $50 that are not garbage...
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    Rifle Scopes Need help picking out scope.

    Hi everyone. I have a Remington 700 SPS tactical in .308. I will be shooting 100yd to 500yd target shooting. I need a scope for it. Ive already had a Nikon 3-9x40. It didn't have enough magnification. I also have a millett 4-16x50. The quality is enough for me. My price range is $300ish ( i know...
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    Rifle Scopes Millett 4-16x50 vs Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40

    I know similar questions were asked on this subject but i have not found a definite answer. I am mounting this on top of a Remington 700 sps tactical in .308. I currently have a nikon 3-9x40 and thats not enough zoom for me. I only have $300 to spend on a scope. I would love a mark4 or a...