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  1. Praeger

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Wear

    I'm looking for some opinions regarding the wear showing on a PTG 6 Creedmoor finishing reamer. The PTG reamer has 6 flutes, each flute has two facets (primary and secondary relief angles). The wear is visible on the cutting edge at the case mouth and shoulder sections (shown with yellow...
  2. Praeger

    Accessories WTS Vortex Precision Rings 34mm 1.0 Inch Height

    WTS Vortex Precision Rings 34mm 1.0 Inch Height $100 Shipped CONUS
  3. Praeger

    Accessories WTS Seekins Precision 34mm Scope Rings 1.0 Inch

    WTS Seekins Precision 34mm Scope Rings 1.0 Inch Height $100 Shipped CONUS
  4. Praeger

    Optics SOLD

    Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 MRAD EBR-7C New in Box Sealed $1900 Shipped CONUS
  5. Praeger

    Reloading Equipment SOLD - Tempilaq

    A couple years ago I bought several bottles of Tempilaq 750 degree and 450 degree temperature indicating paint. Used once or twice, haven't used since. Cover $15 for shipping and I'll send you the lot - (2) 750 bottles, (3) 450 bottles, and (2) bottles of thinner.
  6. Praeger

    Optics WTS New In Box U.S. Optics B-25 5-25x Gen IIXR Mil Reticle - Reduced Now $2,100

    New In Box U.S. Optics B-25 5-25x Gen IIXR Mil Reticle $2,400 $2,300 $2,200 $2,100 Shipped CONUS
  7. Praeger

    Accessories SOLD - Manfrotto 322 RC2 Ball Head Joysick w/Adapter Plate

    New in box Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Ball Head with adapter plate. $125 shipped CONUS.
  8. Praeger

    Gunsmithing Needed - Action Wrench for Accuracy International/Badger M2013

    Does anyone have an an action wrench for the AI/Badger that I could borrow? I've ordered the Adams Custom Rifles wrench two weeks ago but can't get ahold of them to see if it's in route, or even if they've received the order. I'll email you a shipping label and send it back as soon as I'm...
  9. Praeger

    Gunsmithing Chamber Reamer Not Clearing Chips

    Yesterday I chambered a Krieger SS barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor and noticed the reamer wasn't clearing chips. The reamer cut normally up to the shoulder/body junction. Past that point I was going to take about .100" per pass, but noticed by .060" that no chips were being cleared through the flutes...
  10. Praeger

    SOLD - Sierra 6mm 110 grain Match King Sealed Box of 500 $175 Shipped

    Sierra 6mm/.243 110 grain Match King sealed box of 500. $175 Shipped CONUS.
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  12. Praeger

    ArmyJerry is GTG

    @ArmyJerry - Good comms, fast shipping, and scope just as described. Buy with confidence.
  13. Praeger

    MDrimfirerookie GTG

    MDrimfirerookie GTG. Prompt payment, great communication. Solid buyer.
  14. Praeger

    Ammunition Renovation 1957 US Army Training Film

    The fundamentals remain the same, only the scale is different.
  15. Praeger

    stevenc23 is GTG seller

    Good communication, was quick to accommodate a PayPal change at my request, shipped quickly and packed items well. Everything received as advertised.
  16. Praeger

    6.5 Creedmoor, Sierra 142 grain MatchKing, Reloader 17

    First round of load development for my AI AX 6.5 Creedmoor using 142 grain SMK and Reloader 17. No high pressure signs at 42.8 grains. The groups were all about 3/4 " (+/- 1/8" at 100 yards). I generally pay more attention to the SD and ES. So far I'm impressed with RL17, it is my first time...