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  1. 2brothers641

    AR .22/.223 Trigger

    Looking to upgrade the trigger in my son's AR. I started with a complete Spikes lower and Nordic .22 upper. For those who haven't used the Nordic or want a .22 upper, these things are pretty sweet. Very reliable and pleased with the accuracy. He will be getting a .223 upper for Christmas. I...
  2. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Scope Base Thickness

    Looking to get the thickness of top end manufacturer scope bases. For some reason, this information seems to be hard to find. Seekins, Badger, Nightforce, Warne ect. 1 pc. Picatinny bases. Thanks for any input.
  3. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Ring Height for Armalite AR50

    Looking for some info on scoping an Armalite AR50. After some research, I have noticed some people saying that too low of rings will not allow you to remove the bolt completely. Anyone know how low of rings will work? The factory base is very tall and bell clearance wouldn't be an issue, even...
  4. 2brothers641

    Where are all the bolt carrier group

    Are these going to be impossible to find too? Anyone have any leads on any.
  5. 2brothers641

    LMT Proud to Protect the Olympics

    Thought this was pretty cool. Privately-Owned Midwest Company Makes Weaponry Used to Defend the Olympics Against Terrorism IA/IL QUAD-CITIES – Weapons produced by Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), a privately-owned Midwestern maker of elite weaponry, are being used by the Royal Air...
  6. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes 6-24x50 SFP Scope Options

    Looking for a new scope for a 6.5 CM build. Will be used for 100-600 yd paper shooting. Mostly know distances. Budget of around $1000 Looking for: 20-24 max power SFP (never went FFF, but not really liking the idea of thick reticle on max power) 30mm tube 70+elevation travel matching reticle...
  7. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Night Vision Scopes

    Are there any Hide sponsors that sell night vision scopes? Looking for some info on what to buy.
  8. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Scope for 6.8 SPC AR

    I am looking for a scope for a new AR. I need to find something with the top end power of 14-16x, illuminated reticle, 30mm tube, under 50mm bell, and be lightweight and compact. Does not have to be tactical, FFP, or mildot. I have researched but there doesn't seem to be a lot of options...
  9. 2brothers641

    Daniel Defense Rifles

    Just curious to see why there isn't much talk on the DD rifles. There are no recent posts and the search brings up very limited discussions. I am considering a V7 but I am a little worried with the limited reviews here. Seems to have all the right options at a decent price. Maybe money is...
  10. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Mil/Mil SFP Scopes

    My new Savage LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor will be here next week and I need to find a scope for it. I want to make the jump from MOA to MIL on this one. The rifle will be used mainly for target shooting. I personally think SFP will be a better option for this but having never used FFP I'm not 100%...
  11. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Scope mount for AR

    I need to get a scope mount for an AR. Most of my firearms and accessory purchases are middle of the road price wise (Vortex, Leupold, ect.) Definitely nothing low end, firm believer in buy once cry once. Looking for something 30mm, quick release, good quality. My research has showed...
  12. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Anyone seen the new Mueller

    Thought their new scope was interesting. Has some nice features for a budget scope. http://muelleroptics.com/mueller-quickdot-1-4x24
  13. 2brothers641

    Gunsmithing Trigger Tuning Books

    Are there any good gunsmithing books out there on trigger tuning? Maybe even just general trigger function and mechanics.
  14. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss rings and bases

    Anyone have any experience with the Zeiss bases and rings? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of reviews on them. Anything that I can find does seem positive but I was curious if anyone had first hand experience. Looking to mount a Conquest on a Weatherby Vangaurd Deluxe in .300 wby mag for...
  15. 2brothers641

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Sig Night Sight Question

    Just got in a new sig 250 with night sights. The front sight and right rear (looking down the barrel) light up a bright green. The left rear does not. It appears when looking at the rear sight that the left isn't a night sight at all. Is this how they all are?
  16. 2brothers641

    Beretta Mod 76 Parts Help!

    Trying to find a rear sight for a Beretta Model 76. Beretta said to try bobs gun parts but i had no luck, terrible web site anyway. Looked on Gunbroker and tried Numrich but came up with nothing exept a couple of parts. Anyone have any ideas on where to look next? Thanks
  17. 2brothers641

    Rifle Scopes Recommend rings for Savage PC

    Hey guys, trying to help my bro out with some rings for his new savage pc. He put a egw 20 moa base on it and just received his new vortex viper 6.5x20x44 scope from Doug at camerlandny. Need to find some pretty low rings as the stock cheek weld isn't the highest. I have burris sig zee...
  18. 2brothers641

    Aftermarket Stocks

    Haven't purchased one yet but have done a ton of reading here and everywhere else. There are a few concerns i have about different brands and everyones opinion about them. I read people saying don't buy B&C, Choate, Houge, ect. I can't figure out for the life of me what the accuracy...
  19. 2brothers641

    BDL metal .308 and .223 different?

    Is there any difference in the factory bdl metal for .308 and .223? Just wanting to know if the are interchangable between calibers. Thanks
  20. 2brothers641

    SIngle shot adapter

    Does anyone make a good adapter for a remmy 700 s/a adl?