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  1. dirkreader

    Bataan Memorial Death March

    We are the battling bastards of Bataan; No mama, no papa, no Uncle Sam; No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces; No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces. And nobody gives a damn. And nobody gives a damn. -Frank Hewlett, 1942 Well I did it. My...
  2. dirkreader

    Ran my first 1/2 today

    Came in at 1:45.23 averaged 8:03/mile. I'm running my first marathon in NM on March 23. The Bataan Memorial Death March. Wish me luck as I train on!
  3. dirkreader

    Movie Theater The Way Back

    If you Netflix you can stream this movie from 2010. It is based on the novel "The Long Walk" that details the escape of a group of people from a Siberian Labor camp that walked to India. About 4,000 miles. Great piece of history/good movie.
  4. dirkreader

    Will there be an NFL season this year or not?

    Actually I just wanted to be the first to post in the new section.
  5. dirkreader

    MSA-Sordin Hearing Protection

    I just wanted to let you guys know that after about six years my Sordins died. I contacted MSA through their website, boxed them up and sent them all the way back to Sweden. Well about three weeks later, I get them back, only they were not my originals, Sordin replaced them with a new set...
  6. dirkreader

    Ride the Lightin baby!

    Phillies fan tasered after running onto the field Fantastic picture, and I think that must have been hysterical to watch from the cheap seats!
  7. dirkreader

    How the Biathalon should be run....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riDZBgNL9Ds&feature=player_embedded I thought this was pretty funny. Hope it isn't a dupe, but given the Olympic season I thought it was appropriate.
  8. dirkreader

    Suppressors Jet Suppressors

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Jet? They owe me a suppressor and don't feel compelled to return any of the nine emails or 12 phone messages that I have left for them.
  9. dirkreader

    Hunting & Fishing Oryx in New Mexico

    Driving home from a beautiful Christmas vacation we spotted 42 Oryx while driving across White Sands Missle Range on US 70. These two were just over the fence and actually let us walk up to about 15-20 yards from them before they turned and walked away. I sure do wish I could draw a tag!
  10. dirkreader

    Blue Steel Safari?

    Zak, Have dates been selected for Blue Steel 2010? I would have sent you a PM, but you are over your limit! Thanks
  11. dirkreader

    Pact Professional chrono XP

    Does anyone here know how to upload data from the Pact Professional chronograph into a laptop? I have the cable and the can hook it up but the users manual is rather quiet on this topic.
  12. dirkreader

    Suppressors Yahoo!

    It only took six months, but I just found out my can was approved on the 10th! Hopefully I'll get it next week.
  13. dirkreader

    3 gun in Waco March 28-29

    Sound off if you're shooting this match. I'm in, hope to see you there.
  14. dirkreader

    It's Nuclear Powered!

    You can tell by the Plutonium glowing in the back. Anyway, here is the Ripper loading on my new Prometheus that I picked up over the weekend. It works flawlessly and he loaded 114 rounds in 49 minutes. And according to Bolt he even took two pee breaks. This machine is amazing. It is twice...
  15. dirkreader

    You know what Bolts going to talk about don't you?

    If you don't stick around for a few minutes.... Also, we are taking up a collection to encourage Mr. Ripper to shave the "stink collector" off his ugly mug. Please feel free to contribute. We are up to about $7.28 so far.