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  1. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Latest Africa Hunt - 2013

    The entire post made me feel like I was right there the whole time. Congratulations on the hunt of a lifetime...
  2. AMM0

    My First Real Bolt-Action / Shorty!

    Guys! I found one! I actually found one!! Not sure if you guys recall the thread I posted up a few weeks ago. But I wanted a bolt-action chambered in .308 that I could use for deer hunting (or any North American game) here in Wisconsin... but mostly deer. I hunt in the northern part of the...
  3. AMM0

    Bolt-Action Shorty Rifle Build... info?

    Did a search & didn't find anything quite this specific. Not gonna lie. One of my favorite threads on SH is the 16"-18" Shorty Rifle Build/Photo Thread. It cheers me up! Kudos to all of you who have contributed to that thread. Your rifles are beautiful beasts! Aside from the insane amount...
  4. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing 2011 Hunting (Not To Shabby)

    Re: 2011 Hunting (Not To Shabby) Man... that muley is insane!!!
  5. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !!

    Re: Pics to get ya fired up on Predator season !! Congrats on callin' 'em in!
  6. AMM0

    Rifle Scopes Viper PST

    Re: Viper PST Good reading! I realize this thread may be a bit biased, but I'm shocked to see so many people but the ixnay on Leupold. That said, I don't yet have a rifle of my own as I'm still in the process of researching... but prior to this thread, I probably would've entertained the...
  7. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing PA Whitetail - looks like another year is a bust.

    Re: PA Whitetail - looks like another year is a bust. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JelloStorm</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Spent 4 days out in the woods and all I seen was two Doe that I couldn't shoot at because of a road behind them off in...
  8. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Predator Baiting Techniques

    Re: Predator Baiting Techniques <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: furtaker_.223</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Not trying to thread jack, But if one wants to trap a fox in a live trap, what would you bate it with? I don't trap but I know where some...
  9. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Predator Baiting Techniques

    Re: Predator Baiting Techniques I'd be interested in seeing a photo of the decoy, as well. I've just recently begun reading about predator hunting. I've not actually had the pleasure of doing any myself. But I know the coyotes are running rampant in the northern half ofour state and I'm...
  10. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Predator Baiting Techniques

    Re: Predator Baiting Techniques I'm a trapper in the early season. The carcass dump is always a good idea, but I can lure them in any season with a good, strong call lure. I'm surprised more predator hunters don't usually lures/baits as much as they could? I usually get all of my...
  11. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Predator Rifles

    Re: Predator Rifles Good Lord.... sweet rifles, you guys!! Give 'em Hell and knock 'em dead!
  12. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Passed on this guy last weekend

    Re: Passed on this guy last weekend I'd venture a guess that he's an easy 130... I'd agree the mass isn't there, but he's definitely got some length to him and probably more than those photos do him justice. If he were here in Wisconsin, he'd be down for the count. Like most others have...
  13. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Need GPS Recommendation

    Re: Need GPS Recommendation I've got a Garmin Colorado 400i and have been using it for the last couple of years with no issues whatsoever. Very rugged. Very easy to use. Very accurate. I have the Garmin U.S. Road Map chip in there now, but also have the Garmin Lakemaster chip when I'm out...
  14. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Marcus' Thanksgiving Buck...

    Re: Marcus' Thanksgiving Buck... Great lookin' buck! Congrats!
  15. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Elk Hunt 2011

    Re: Elk Hunt 2011 Man, that's incredible... congrats on an awesome hunt!
  16. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Hunting / Woodlands + Hardwoods

    Re: Coyote Hunting / Woodlands + Hardwoods Thanks again for all of the other replies, guys. There are definitely coyote in the area. A co-worker of mine has a cabin not too far away from the ara where we hunt and they're not secretive at all about howling at night. It's not uncommon to...
  17. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Hunting / Woodlands + Hardwoods

    Re: Coyote Hunting / Woodlands + Hardwoods <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: BachelorJack</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I hunt coyotes in areas like that a good bit. Thick stuff seems to negate the benefits of bait piles. You'd need a lot of bait...
  18. AMM0

    Fieldcraft New Ghillie order, thoughts?

    Re: New Ghillie order, thoughts? Man, that is so friggin' awesome!
  19. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Hunting / Woodlands + Hardwoods

    Did a search and didn't come up with anything this specific. Hopefully, another member of the 'Hide will be able to assist. Typically, if you're watching The Outdoor Channel and there's a show on coyote/predator hunting, they're in a location where there are miles and miles of open low lying...
  20. AMM0

    Hunting & Fishing Not a pig but he'll do.

    Re: Not a pig but he'll do. Big buck down! Congrats!