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  1. J

    300 blackout throwing second shot

    Gun is an Aero Precision 10” barrel. I worked a load up from 15-17.5 of H110 with 155 Berger hybrids. 16.3 and 16.5 looked like this group. Everything else was 5” plus. I loaded 20 up at 15.4 and shot 3 shot groups letting the barrel cool between groups. Every time the second shot is getting...
  2. J

    JK Armament Cans

    Anybody use one? Thinking of getting a 155r for a 300 blackout and 308. Doing a form 1 also of course.
  3. J

    Cold Welding ?

    Is this something that happens or a myth?
  4. J

    Shims for bottom metal?

    Had my stock re-inletted from hinged floorplate to m5. Guy who did it went too deep on the front pillar. Now when I tighten up the action screws it puts a bind on the bottom metal and can’t get the mag to lock up or the release to work on the bottom metal. If I only tighten the back screw...
  5. J

    Miles Gilbert Bedrock?

    Buddy gave me a Wheeler Eng kit with this bedding. Anybody ever use it? I have Marine Tex which I normally use but didn’t know if this was harder and had less shrinkage.
  6. J

    Firearms F/S: Nucleus/PVA 6.5 Creed Barreled Action

    Arc Nucleus action 26” PVA Barrel Marksman Contour 6.5 Creed Beast Self Timing Brake 400 rounds down tube 150 pieces of Peterson’s SRP brass Have load dev for 140 and 156 Berger’s. $1250 shipped
  7. J

    Anybody know of Armageddon-Arms in Laguna Hills CA

    I ordered a Sig Kilo300bdx from them. Money cleared the account but they won’t email me back and have no number listed. Facebook page isn’t active and the number on the Facebook page is no longer in service. I thought I was ordering from a different Armageddon arms located in Washington State.
  8. J

    Firearms WTB: Tikka CTR 308

    If you have one in good shape your looking to part with, let me know.
  9. J

    Cleaning 22 trainer

    How often do y’all clean the barrel and with what chemicals/rods/brushes?
  10. J

    Weighing ammo

    Anybody ever weighed good ammo (Eley, Lapua...) group it together based on weight and see if it held tighter groups.
  11. J

    Rimfire T1x Oryx or Bravo

    Looking for a oryx or bravo. Let me know what you got.
  12. J

    22 trainer group size at distance?

    Got my tikka t1x ready to shoot some practice 22 trainer matches. Matches around here have a max 300 yard distance. Shot it today at 300 yards with wolf match extra which shot best in 50 yard testing. Dialed it up 14.8 Mils like my app said and shot a 8 shot group. Group measured 5.4” with 6...
  13. J

    Oryx or Bravo

    Bought to get a chasis for my T 1x. Which of these would you go with. Anybody have experience with both?
  14. J

    Optics WTB: low 34mm rings

    Looking for Seekins, Aad, Arc... low rings in good shape.
  15. J

    GPO 10x42 or 10x50 binoculars or range finding binoculars

    Anybody have any experience with either of these? I'm really looking at the 10x50 rangefinding binocs as a do all.
  16. J

    Shipping Rifle ?

    Where do yall go to find a box to ship a rifle? I'm selling a hunting rifle and have been to several pawn shops with no luck.
  17. J

    Nucleus action question

    I'm hearing allot of people having issues with 6.5 Creedmoor rounds hanging under the feed ramp on Remington actions and causing feeding issues when seated to 2.900-2.950. I know that Defiance makes a longer ejection port to solve this. Does anybody know if the Nucleus is longer than a...
  18. J

    Rifle Scopes HiLux 4-20 ffp

    Anything out there on this? I don’t expect much but sometimes you get surprised. https://hi-luxoptics.com/products/hi-lux-optics-pentalux-tac-vf-4x-20x-ffp
  19. J

    Nucleus or Origin

    If you were going to use one for a tactical build, which one would you pick?
  20. J

    30br in an AR platform

    What would I need to build one in a lightweight AR? Uses a 473 bolt face, good lapua brass readily available, one of the most accurate cartridges on earth, can push a 125 gr bullet to 2850 with 20gr less powder than a 308. This would be for hunting inside 300 yards and for kids to use...