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Search results

  1. Z

    SOLD Fs Ga precision tempest 6 dasher BA

    You sell your tempest action? Im interested…
  2. Z

    Accessories WTS: Manners EH-1 stock Americana (Price Drop)

    Looks like Surgeon bottom metal, any chance with an upcharge you’d sell with???
  3. Z

    WTB Defiance ruckus XM

    There’s a post on LRH for a Deviant XM, just appeared today.
  4. Z

    SOLD GA precision 6.5 saum

    I run 3 different 6.5 SAUMs, they are reach out there killing machines…this set up is well priced for a GAP gun…someone needs a Christmas present
  5. Z

    SOLD Manners EH1A Elite Hunter w/ Gen 2 Mini-Chassis

    Pm enroute, I’ll take it
  6. Z

    Optics Sold: 30mm Nightforce R700 Direct Mount

    #5 bubble lvl still avail?
  7. Z

    SOLD SOLD Defiance Tenacity .308 RH Nitrided

    How’d I miss this?
  8. Z

    Firearms Reduced Beanland Custom 7MM STW!

    No matter what anyone says the 7STW isnt dead! This rifle makes the std of one of the best…GLWS!
  9. Z

    SOLD SOLD Rock Creek 6mm blank

    PM enroute
  10. Z

    SOLD Remington Model 7 receiver NIB

    Really good deal for what your getting here guys! Send it to LRI and get an extractor put on it and change bolt face to std 308 or Mag..as part of the process, I'd do it but just snagged a SS version!
  11. Z

    SOLD Pending

    PM enroute
  12. Z

    Accessories Timney Elite Hunter

    I'm a go, PM enroute
  13. Z

    Firearms Defiance Deviant Tactical 6.5 PRC w/ 0.308 bolt w/ Ammo w/ Mags - or part out

    I’d be interested in the Deviant and std bolt if your parting out…pm enroute
  14. Z

    WTB 7mm STW ammo...

    Got some, Nosler Trophy and ELR Accubond. But not home till 12 Nov…PM enroute
  15. Z

    SOLD WTS: Bartlein LH gain twist 6mm 400 MOD BB

    Wow this is a rare find! Might be a another build in my near future!