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  1. paraman1

    What to drink in Finland ?

    I am currently doing a stint in Helsinki Finland and need some help on what to drink and what to stay away from . I have tried Karhu and Sandels beer and both were lacking . Newcastle is available here but 3.09 Euros a bottle is prohibitively expensive for casual drinking . Jack Daniels is 32...
  2. paraman1

    Overseas work tax help ?

    Looking for someone who is familiar with the tax laws regarding income earned overseas . I will be traveling to another country and living there for the next 9+ months but having never done this before I am curious what if any of the tax rules for income earned overseas might apply to me .
  3. paraman1

    Taking my cell phone to Europe ?

    Need some help figuring out how I can take my cell phone to Finland and still using it while there (obviously I am trying to do this affordably) . Anyone with experience traveling overseas and using your phone there as well as being able to recieve calls from the states ?
  4. paraman1

    Coming back from shoulder surgery

    I had shoulder surgery last July and while the shoulder has healed nicely I am struggling to get strength back in it . I have access to a full gym and was wondering what I should be working on to help with strength . I work in construction and have had to really alter my work patterns in order...
  5. paraman1

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Carrying Concealed (how do you do it ?)

    I have carried concealed off and on for about 6 years . The biggest problem I have is that when I try and move my Compact 1911 into an IWB holster for the summer my pants fit so tight I can barely breathe and I wind up reverting back to my pocket .22 or don't carry at all . During the winter I...
  6. paraman1

    Meesha has left the building

    Well maybe not just yet . I put down her brother 3 years ago on pretty much the same day . Her hips have gotten to the point that she can't get up on her own . She has accidents in the house pretty regularly and occasionally they happen while she lays there in them . She is close to completely...
  7. paraman1

    .270 Weatherby Magnum Accuracy Loads ?

    A buddy of mine recently inherited a .270 Weatherby Magnum and since he knew I reloaded asked me if I knew of any good loads to try out . After looking through several of my manuals and a few online resources I haven't really come up with anything that looks like a "Go To" load . If anyone is...
  8. paraman1

    Rifle Scopes Targets to test resolution

    We are putting together a scope comparison for the local guys in SW Idaho and I am looking for targets to test resolution . We are hoping to be able to run target out as far as 900 yards but we can post targets as close as 25 yards . Any ideas or input would be great .
  9. paraman1

    Member Link Up SW Idaho Scope Comparison

    On August 11th we are going to be hosting a scope comparison at the Parma Rod and Gun Club . The time has yet to be determined but the basic premise is to get a bunch of guys together with everyone bringing their optics to do side by side comparisons . A guy can seriously go broke trying to...
  10. paraman1

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Classic 1911 Compact

    Picked this one up recently for a decent price . Its a Springfield compact that rolled out the doors on Sept. 11 1991 . I don't think its been carried or shot much in its 20 year life but that's about to change . Of course the second it showed up I ordered a few aftermarket parts for it and sent...
  11. paraman1

    Gauging Interest in 10-22 stock

    OK I posted a while back trying to gauge interest in a stock . The project then went a little different direction but here are the results . It is very similar to the A3-5 except it is made from a laminate . The grip area will not have the quartz imbedded on the final version but since this is...
  12. paraman1

    Gauging Interest in 10-22 Stock

    My Pard designed and built this stock a while back and is wondering if there would be any interest in them . It would be made of Laminate wood and the grit texture <span style="font-weight: bold">would not</span> be on the final version . Cost would be in the 275 dollar range .
  13. paraman1

    Lothar Walther AR-15 barrels

    Anyone running one ? I have owned a few of the Savage barrels and was very impressed with the fit and finish but was wondering if anyone was running one of their pre-fit AR barrels .
  14. paraman1

    What rail or handguard for POF

    Does anyone make a narrower handguard that will fit on a POF upper ? Mine has the Predator 12.0 rail and its a bit wide for my tastes .
  15. paraman1

    Latest Build

    Finally got all the parts to finish this rifle up . *RRA upper and lower *Magpul MIAD Grip , PRS stock and MOE trigger guard *VTAC Handguard *PWS Brake *BAD Lever *Burris Tac30 scope in a Larue SPR mount *2 3/4 lb. custom single stage trigger
  16. paraman1

    BUIS for 7.62 AR

    Looking for a BUIS for a flat top 7.62 AR platform . Need a front sight that mounts on a picatinny style Gas Block .
  17. paraman1

    COAL in 7.62 Pmags

    Can anyone using the 7.62 Pmags give me a little insight into what the max COAL you can run in them would be ?
  18. paraman1

    Maggie’s Brandy Campaign to Prevent Automobile Fatalities

    After a series of high profile, mutli-car accidents, which have caused dozens of fatalities, the environmental group American Council to Ban Automobiles has renamed itself in honor Ashley Brandy, a nine year old girl, killed when the minivan her mother was driving collided at high speed with a...
  19. paraman1

    Maggie’s How Gun Rags write an article

    Instruction From The Editor To The Journalist: Frangible Arms just bought a four page color ad in our next issue. They sent us their latest offering, the CQB MK-V Tactical Destroyer. I told Fred to take it out to the range to test. He'll have the data for you tomorrow. Feedback From...
  20. paraman1

    Suppressors Finally got all my gear together

    I picked up this pistol quite a while ago but getting the holster, belt and mag pouches put together took over 3 months due to stuff either showing up and not being what I ordered or stuff getting backordered . Para-Ordnance p-16 limited with everything except the frame , slide and barrel...