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  1. Wolvenhaven

    New LR Shooting Simulator

    Found a free simulator similar to shooter ready called sniperspirit that's pretty good and it's been getting better. I've been having fun messing around with it and trying things out and so far I've liked what I've found. http://www.sniperspirit.com/sniperspirit-en/
  2. Wolvenhaven

    This guy is a real winner

    Saw this posted over on HKPro and decided I'd share. What a wonderful piece of work he is. Article: http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/man-caught-video-firing-gunshot-out-window-while-d/nRFBy/ Video: http://deadspin.com/5935978/heres-a-washington-nationals-fan-firing-a-gun-from-his-car-while-driving
  3. Wolvenhaven

    Any gamers planning on playing Mech Warrior Online

    Was wondering if we had a mechwarrior following here who are looking forward to the game.
  4. Wolvenhaven

    Space Shuttle Door Gunner

    Damn pretty picture. Also it's an HK21E which makes me drool a little.
  5. Wolvenhaven

    Vector 93K(HK33 Clone)

    Came in the mail today to my gunsmith and I went and picked it up, I'm very happy with it and can't wait to shoot it. 12.5" barrel with 4.5" pinned flashhider(planning on form one'ing it to an SBR soon) Metal SEF lower. US barrel, trigger, and internals(as far as I can tell). Came with a...
  6. Wolvenhaven

    Maggie’s I don't really know how to describe this...

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  7. Wolvenhaven

    Photos .308 Remington CSS RTS Finally Finished

    So I posted another thread in here with the picture of all the parts, but I wasn't able to add additional pictures to it, it wouldn't show them, so sorry about creating a new thread guys but here it is: My finally finished after many delays rifle. *Trued Remington SA .308 *Kreiger straight...
  8. Wolvenhaven

    For anyone who loved Battletech or Mechwarrior

    The closed beta for an independently developed mech FPS is coming out soon, if you loved Battletech or Mechwarrior it's well worth checking out and playing while we wait for whenever mechwarrior 5 gets released. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie"...
  9. Wolvenhaven

    Photos CSS RTS .308 with SS 10x42 Off to the gunsmith

    CSS RTS Remington 700 with a straight contour Krieger 5R .308 barrel(being cut to 24", threaded, and painted black), jewel trigger with bottom safety, and an SS 10x42. Decided to lay all of it out before taking it to the gunsmith for him to put it together.
  10. Wolvenhaven

    Friend's Anzio - Anyone in GA reload 20mm?

    My friend just purchased a 20mm Anzio and 200 rounds, but after that he'll probably need to reload for it, but he's never hand loaded ammo and I have never heard of a press that can do 20mm; so my question is: does anyone know of anyone who commercially reloads 20mm in Georgia? I'm sure I could...
  11. Wolvenhaven

    The Channel Islands Occupation and Normandy

    Sorry for all the posts in here guys, but it would only let me do like 15 pictures per post so I had to cut the whole thing up into sections. My family inherited a house on the isle of Jersey which is one of the three channel islands. During WWII they were occupied by the Germans and Hitler...
  12. Wolvenhaven

    Sidearms & Scatterguns For anyone wanting to suppress a P30

    the P30L barrels will fit in a P30 with enough clearance to thread them and run a suppressor, while not cheap, this option allows you to have a normal barrel and a threaded barrel, and you don't have to get a barrel extension on your regular one because HK doesn't make threaded P30 barrels...
  13. Wolvenhaven

    Anyone have a PTR-91 PDW Pistol?

    I've been wanting to get an SBR, and I love the G3 design, so I figured this would be a good candidate to buy and then form4 it to an SBR. My question is, does anyone have one and do you like it? I've read conflicting reports about reliability as well as some confusing information on...
  14. Wolvenhaven

    New user with first custom build

    I've been reading through everything on here to decide what I wanted to do for my rifle precision rifle. Took me a few months and I sold a rifle of mine to fund it, but I've come up with roughly what I want, but I'd really appreciate input on any kind of modifications or changes you guys would...