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  1. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 6 Creed Brass New 525 pieces

    Have 525 Pieces of 6 creed brass. Looking to sell. $250 shipped to your door. Will be out of town till Monday.
  2. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment 22 Creedmoor brass and 88elds

    Have 300 pcs new Peterson brass same lot 600 88elds 224 same lot Want to sell as a package. Looking for $500 shipped Paid 480 for everything plus shipping to me. Also have a set of 22 creed whidden dies that i will sell also. Paid $200 New Would sell for $150 Shipped Used less than a hand...
  3. tc_firefighter311

    Firearms New savage action and 6.5 barrel

    Have a brand new savage tactical 10 action. Heavy bolt handle believe I have bottom metal to go with action for detachable mag. 20moa rail included. Brand new. 400$ shipped to ffl chassis sold!! Brand new criterion 6.5 small shank barrel with heavy recoil lug and nut. Bought new from...
  4. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment Dies and annealer

    RCBS 37101 F L Comp Die Set 22-250 Brand new. $110 shipped. 6.5 Creedmoor Instant Indicator Comparator w/ Out Dial Indicator $75 shipped SINCLAIR MICRO ADJ SEATER 6.5 CREDMOOR 6.5 Creedmoor Bullet Seating Die almost brand new $115 shipped.
  5. tc_firefighter311

    Accessories Savage short action chassis mdt

    Savage short action 4.4 spacing. Selling a brand new mdt xrs chassis. Mounted a barreled action in it and decided to go a different route. Selling the barreled action and the chassis. Chassis $400shipped. 500 new plus shipping. Mdt lss in fde. Has 1 scuff behind action. And velcro on one...
  6. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment New hornady 22-250 brass

    Have 400 pieces of new 22-250 hornady brass. Same lot #s that are in ammo boxes. Thats how i store all my brass. Paid 40 a box so looking to get $320 shipped. If you want plastic storage boxes add another $40 bucks. Will ship in zip lock bags if not.
  7. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment once fired hornady brass and Laupa

    Have 1000 once fired hornady 6.5 brass from bolt guns. Was from hornady 140 eld factory ammo. Looking for $425 shipped. OBO. Dont have to sell but have way too much. Honest offers only please. Have 75 new and 25 once fired Laupa brass. LRP 75 shipped.
  8. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment 1000 53 224 vmaxs for sale.

    Have 10 boxes of 53gr 224 v-Max’s for sale. 220$ shipped.
  9. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 140 elds 1100+

    Went a different route on the 6.5. So I’m going to sell my 140elds. 11 boxes of 100. Have 1100+ partial box for sale. Would like to sell in one lot. There are not matching lot numbers. Just bought some here and there when I could get some. Looking to get 450$ shipped. Not looking to split up...
  10. tc_firefighter311

    Optics Vortex pst and rings 500$ shipped.

    Vortex Viper 6x24x50 moa Used mounted on a 22-250 for several years was pretty much a safe queen. Shot very little. Could find any scratches on scope or glass. $500 shipped. Vortex Optics Pro Picatinny-Style Rings medium $60 shipped brand new.
  11. tc_firefighter311

    SOLD Savage 22 creedmoor

    Have a brand new savage barreled action for sale. Has never been fired besides factory. Bought parts from northlands shooter supply. Built 3 rifles. This one just sits. Barrel throated for the 75gr bullets. Will have a couple rounds fired to make sure everything is good. Other 2 are hammers...
  12. tc_firefighter311

    WTB Savage chassis

    Looking to buy short action straight feed chassis. Let me know what you have.
  13. tc_firefighter311

    SOLD 6.5 berger Sierra and eld

    I have 264 Berger 140s hybrid target. 2 full boxes same lot. 200 Sierra 140 smk’s 78 hornady 123 eld match Bought all from Blue Coller reloading Looking for $200 shipped for whole lot. Don’t want to break up. It’s hard for me to get to post office to ship. Only trades would be for 6.5 140...
  14. tc_firefighter311

    SOLD WTB savage short action

    Looking to buy 1 or 2 savage short action small shank actions. Would prefer top bolt release. .308 bolt face. Would prefer tactical bolt knob. But beggars can’t be choosers.
  15. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment H4350 in stock at mid south

    H4350 in stock at mid south
  16. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment Bass pro has 224 75 eld in stock

    Bass pro has 224 75 elds in stock. Just ordered
  17. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment WTB Rcbs chargemaster lite

    Looking to buy a chargemaster lite. Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  18. tc_firefighter311

    Optics WTB vortex strike eagle 5x25x56 moa

    Vortex strike eagle 5x25x56 want to buy one or 2. Moa let me know what you got. Thanks
  19. tc_firefighter311

    Reloading Equipment WTB 6.5 creedmoor die and components

    Looking for a 6.5 creedmoor die set. 140 elds 147 elds. I know not much out there but have to try and get a few boxes. Just fell into a 6.5 creedmoor for cheap.
  20. tc_firefighter311

    Firearms WTB savage or ruger precision rifle

    Looking to buy a ruger of savage precision 338 laupa. Let me know what you have. Thanks.