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  1. josephberry

    .308 Hand load velocities?

    I'm coming up with 2617?
  2. josephberry

    IMR 8208 with 175 SMK

    I will look up my load data. This combo works well.
  3. josephberry

    Fieldcraft Machete of choice?

    Ontario Gen 2 SP50, It's a beast of a knife. Does it all well.
  4. josephberry

    .308/Varget Update: OCW Pic and Input Needed

    The suppressor adds chamber pressure
  5. josephberry

    300 blackout 150gr?

    110 for super 1680 for subs
  6. josephberry

    Jewell customer service

    So after a few erratic pulls, I take my trigger off and send it back to Jewell. That was in January! Asked a friend who builds rifles(and uses Jewell triggers) if he could speed things up. He said that it would just show up one day. So I found Jewell's phone number, and it just rings, and says...
  7. josephberry

    Rifle Scopes Remmy 223...

    69 Matchking is the heaviest bullet I could stabilize in a remmy 1-9.
  8. josephberry

    Rifle Scopes Vortex PST vs. Leupold Mk 4.

    Any opinions on the new Sightron S3 with exposed turrets? I had the old model with caps and it was very good. Glass was comparable to my NF. Tracking was dead on, return to zero. Just wanted exposed turrets and matching reticle. The new model has these features. Anyone compared the Sightron and Pst?
  9. josephberry

    Rifle Scopes Vortex PST vs. Leupold Mk 4.

    Well, I'm sold. Looks like my next scope will be a PST. What's this talk of fuzzy glass in the 4-16? This was the magnification I wanted.
  10. josephberry

    Varget in 6.5x47 Lapua?

    I didn't go back
  11. josephberry

    Subsonic accuracy

    In my bolt, 10.8 grains of 1680 with the Hdy 225 match gives me MOA, (most of the time). It also cycles well in my AR.
  12. josephberry

    Lee priming tool

    Anybody know where I can get one of the old Lee priming tools? The round tray. The new one is a POS.
  13. josephberry

    300 blackout help

    Re: 300 blackout help gobs of info @ 300blktalk.com
  14. josephberry

    IMR 8208 Powder

    Re: IMR 8208 Powder IIRC 41.7 with the 175MK, or 178 A-max. 2.81, with standard cci primers, Lapua brass, or Win. 2550fps from a 20 in bbl. Shoots half minute or better to 700.
  15. josephberry

    RRA carbine to Dissy

    I really like the feel of a dissipator. Anyone know if I can convert my carbine to a dissy with the stock barrel. If so could someone walk me through it. It's a Tactical entry.
  16. josephberry

    IMR 8208 Powder

    Re: IMR 8208 Powder I burn it in .223, 6x47L, 308. It is by far my favorite powder. It works with the 175 in .308 very well.
  17. josephberry

    Better 6.5x47 Lapua bullet ?

    Re: Better 6.5x47 Lapua bullet ? try the 123mk
  18. josephberry

    Range Report BlkOut 220s Subs at Distance

    Re: BlkOut 220s Subs at Distance I have a few 700yd hits with my 300blk bolt gun. Lots of holdover.
  19. josephberry

    Looking for 300Blk powders

    Re: Looking for 300Blk powders 1680 and Hornaday 225's