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  1. wmhutchison

    M14 sniper

    Thanks for the info.
  2. wmhutchison

    M14 sniper

    Thanks, I have a standard mount on my M1A1 National Match and would like to try the lower profile.
  3. wmhutchison

    M14 sniper

    Nice looking rifle! What mount are you using?
  4. wmhutchison

    Hunting & Fishing 223 rounds for yotes

    Try the VMax, should do the job nicely.
  5. wmhutchison

    Fieldcraft Netting and supplies for a ghillie suit

    I second the trip to Hobby Lobby. They even have some pre-dyed burlap. As for the fire retardant, there are several products you can buy to spray on your ghillie.
  6. wmhutchison

    Stock Texturing

    Looks good, I did my own texturing with a spray on product, wish I'd known about the Marine Tex.
  7. wmhutchison

    Photos just like daddy

    Too cool. I remember when my kids did that. Makes ya proud don't it?
  8. wmhutchison

    Maggie’s Jagermeister Ad

    They're all on Jager's website.
  9. wmhutchison

    Rifle Scopes Poll - Scopes you have used and scopes you have broken.

    I have a Kahles ZF 84 no problems, great glass. I also have a BSA 6-24 x 40 that never gave me any problems, guess I got a rare one there.
  10. wmhutchison

    DIY Shooting Mat and Rear Bags:

    Looks good. Thanks for the info. I made a much more simple (less impressive) mat about 14 years ago. I just covered a sleeping mat with camo material. Believe I'll try to make one your way.
  11. wmhutchison

    Rifle Scopes kahles owners

    I love my Kahles. I've only had for about a year but, no complaints yet.
  12. wmhutchison

    What did you use to paint your rifle?

    I used Krylon Matte clear coat on this one.
  13. wmhutchison

    Fieldcraft Coveralls or BDU for ghillie suit?

    Thanks obilly, I'll have to try it.
  14. wmhutchison


    That's the one, they are great, lots of options for drills.
  15. wmhutchison

    Fieldcraft Rifle Painting Tutorial

    Here's my Model 10. Note as detailed as some, just krylon rattle can,
  16. wmhutchison

    Fieldcraft Rifle Painting Tutorial

    I notice a lot of patterns that look like paint was applied through a net of some sort. I've used spider net before,what are some of you guys using?