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  1. GHatfield

    Hunting & Fishing Back From Alaska..

    Re: Back From Alaska.. Congratulation guys on two nice bears. Thanks for sharing the awesome pics and story to go with!
  2. GHatfield

    MRMBC in Missouri dates set

    Re: MRMBC in Missouri dates set +1 on my first match. Would love to have the opportunity to attend.
  3. GHatfield

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Esee knifes

    Re: Esee knifes +1 for ESEE. I also own a Mercworx and love it... http://www.mercworx.com/
  4. GHatfield

    Member Link Up anybody in Kansas?

    Re: anybody in Kansas? Parma Woods has a pistol and rifle range. Rifle is limited to 100 yards.
  5. GHatfield

    Range Report GAP HRT & USO Scope Tracking

    Re: GAP HRT & USO Scope Tracking Nice demo...thanks for taking the time and sharing.
  6. GHatfield

    Gun Safe Locks

    I am in the market for a gun safe. The question I have is should I get a mechanical lock or an electronic type? I am always weary about electronics failing but most of the safes I have been looking at come standard with the electronic style locks.
  7. GHatfield

    Fieldcraft New Ghillie cranked out

    Re: New Ghillie cranked out Looks good Shay
  8. GHatfield

    Rifle Scopes USO vs. Nightforce

    Re: USO vs. Nightforce Check out the GAP reticle also...
  9. GHatfield

    Movie Theater Triggers-New on Discovery

    A new series on Discovery about all types of weapons is on now.
  10. GHatfield

    Non-Brass Jag

    What non-brass cleaning jags are you using with your copper solvents?
  11. GHatfield

    TAB or TIS

    What sling should I order? TAB with Fastex TIS Quick Cuff TIS Slip Cuff TIS Slip Cuff Quick Release
  12. GHatfield

    Stock Pack

    I should be getting that call in the next few weeks from GAP and I want to purchase a stock pack in the mean time for my new build. The stock is a Manners T and I would prefer to do business with Triad. What pack should I go with? Should I go with the Slickback, large or regular with loops on...
  13. GHatfield

    Honey Badgers Everywhere

    Small world, I pulled out of the car wash this evening and pull up to the stoplight to see a red pickup with Team Honey Badger on the back window. Fellow hide members are more common than I thought.
  14. GHatfield

    Rifle Scopes US Optics Windage Knob Question

    I recently purchased a new SN-3 T-PAL that I will be mounting on my GAP once it is completed. The question I have about the scope is when I turn the windage knob clockwise the adjustment stops at just under 2 mils. When going the opposite direction the knob has much more travel or clicks. Should...
  15. GHatfield

    Upgrading Case Trimmer

    Re: Upgrading Case Trimmer Thanks everyone, It sounds like Giraud is the way to go.
  16. GHatfield

    6 mnths of hard work w/ b4 &after pix -Update

    Re: 6 months of hitting it hard w/ before & after pix! Great work! This gives me hope as I am in the same boat you were six months ago. Thanks for sharing the diet and workout as this can be a puzzle after thumbing through all the fitness mags.
  17. GHatfield

    Upgrading Case Trimmer

    Re: Upgrading Case Trimmer I just watched a couple of videos on youtube and the Giraud makes quick work of trimming. How easy is it to setup the depth?
  18. GHatfield

    I need a good 1200 yard range finder

    Re: I need a good 1200 yard range finder I purchased the Leica 1600 and love it. When I was shopping for a LRF I went to Cabelas and found a great salesman that grabbed the Swaro and Leica and took me outside while he took a smoke break. He turned me loose with both and I was lasing a black...
  19. GHatfield

    Upgrading Case Trimmer

    Re: Upgrading Case Trimmer <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Lazy21</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I bought this one (Wilson mic case trimmer) [/ </div></div> What did you use for a base? That looks like a great setup.