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  1. SSSamurai

    SOLD WTS: S&B, March, Leupold

    Cleaning out the cupboards... 😁 All scopes are in perfect mechanical condition, glass is free of scratches or scuffs. I've tried to capture all wear on turrets/tubes, faint ring marks, that sort of thing. I would consider the following items for partial trade: KAC 11.5 upper Aimpoint H-1/T-1...
  2. SSSamurai

    Firearms SPF: AXMC kit 338, 300, 308

    For sale: AXMC Kit, includes: -Accuracy International AXMC 338LM 20" rifle 40rd fired on bbl -Factory 300 Norma Magnum barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 40rd fired on bbl -Factory 300 WM barrel, cut to 21.75" thd 5/8x24 100rd fired on bbl -Proof CF 300 WM barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 30rd fired on bbl -Hawk Hill...
  3. SSSamurai

    Optics Sold: March 3-24x52mm Illuminated FML-1

    Great condition 3-24x52mm with illuminated FML-1 reticle. Only blemish is a nick in the finish that I tried to capture in the pics. $2050 shipped Trades I would consider +/- cash: Proof 300NM AXMC carbon barrel 26" Seekins Havak PH2 300win AXMC barrel in 308 Bighorn Origin RH SA
  4. SSSamurai

    Rifle Scopes Initial Impressions-March FFP

    This isn't intended to be a review, just a little teaser and a few pics and comments to satisfy those who are waiting for theirs. First off, Ian and the crew at Kelbly's are great. I had a very good experience dealing with them and wanted to make sure that gets mentioned. I wish I had a good...
  5. SSSamurai

    40x trainer done!

    I just got my barreled action back from being cut and threaded, it was all I could do to stop and take pictures before I put it all together! Should have some completed pictures later tonight or tomorrow.