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  1. ranger1183

    Surefire suppressor for 303 Brit?

    Will the standard 7.62 Surefire suppressor work on a .303 Brit Enfield? Or do i need to step up to a .338 to have the proper baffle clearance? Yes, I searched the topic, even google searched the Sniper's Hide for this question but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. ranger1183

    .223 Rem LTR take off barrel?

    I'm looking for a Remington 700 LTR take off barrel in .223 Remington. Anyone know where I can find one?
  3. ranger1183


    I'm looking for the original Vortex Razor HD 5-25x50 with the 5 mil turrets. No, i don't need/want your 10 mil turret scope. PM me. Thanks.
  4. ranger1183

    help with wildcat name?

    I think I might have found it. Thank you AR15.com https://www.ar15.com/content/page.html?id=647 Author: Forest Last Updated :: 7/15/2010 12:48:35 PM EDT FAQ by Krochus with additions and comments by Marty ter Weeme of Teppo Jutsu 30 HRT FAQ Introduction to the 30 HRT The 30HRT or Herrett...
  5. ranger1183

    help with wildcat name?

    I don't believe so. Why? Because the shoulder is in a different position. 6.8 SPC top .30 Remington below
  6. ranger1183

    help with wildcat name?

    I've taken 6.8 Remington SPC brass and expanded the neck to .30 caliber. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this and don't want to order custom dies and reamer if these already exist. Anybody know (for sure, only, please) what the name of this wildcat is? Thanks.
  7. ranger1183

    Member Link Up SHWW Group

    I just stumbled onto the new site. Congrats gentlemen! I'm glad to see your meeting place has been reconstituted! All hail SHWW! :)
  8. ranger1183

    Norinco tu-kkw 22lr trainer

    I saw this training rifle on the web. For the price ($600), I almost bought it myself. Figured someone on the Hide will scoop it up. NORINCO TU-KKW 22LR TRAINER NORINCO TU-KKW 22 TRAINER, Simpson Ltd 22 Long Rifle; 97% blue, excellent bore, good stock, 26'' barrel, Manufactured in...
  9. ranger1183

    Range Report .22-250 1:14 twist Heaviest bullet?

    ok, so my second question is: What is the SLOWEST twist barrel (still 26" long) that can stabilize the MIL-SPEC 62 grain SS 109 bullet? Yes, this is being shot out of a high speed cartridge (22-243 Middlested). Thanks
  10. ranger1183

    Range Report .22-250 1:14 twist Heaviest bullet?

    any chance that you can measure one of these bullets (Sierra 60 gr HP) and post the info? I just need the overall length.
  11. ranger1183

    Range Report .22-250 1:14 twist Heaviest bullet?

    Hey Friends, I'm looking for shooters ACTUAL EXPERIENCE regarding shooting bullets 60 grains and heavier from a 22-250 that has a 1:14 twist barrel. Has anyone had success shooting heavier bullets? Or am I limited to maximum 55 grain bullets? Thanks!
  12. ranger1183

    Night Vision PVS-27/26 Max magnification experience?

    by the way, how much do these units (CNVD/LR SYSTEM & PVS-27) run price wise?
  13. ranger1183

    Member Link Up SHWW Group

    Was that in the Spokane area or over in Omak?
  14. ranger1183

    Rifle Scopes Best Scope for a GAP-10 - Money no object (almost)

    Every AR-10 platform I've carried is a beast compared to the standard issue M4. Both the 3-24x42 FFP March and the Vortex 2.5-10x32 FFP PST are "small-ish" light weight scopes compared to a full size 5-25x56 S&B that weights significantly more. Because the AR-10, the ammo & the magazines are...
  15. ranger1183

    Night Vision Squirrels and a FLIR

    Damn! Can that be weapons mounted forward of a low power scope?
  16. ranger1183

    Bushnell Quick Release adapter

    Actually, thank you Jon! It was very kind of you to take a stab at it. I was actually hoping that I could attract the attention of a Bushnell rep who could sell me what I needed off the shelf. Still hoping.
  17. ranger1183

    Bushnell Quick Release adapter

    I hope these help.
  18. ranger1183

    Bushnell Quick Release adapter

    I have a Bushnell (Elite?) 15-45 power spotting scope with the MIL-dot reticle. The quick release adapter and the spotting scope case have disappeared after a day at the range. Most important is the quick release adapter as that is how the spotting scope attaches to the tri-pod. Anyone here...
  19. ranger1183

    Night Vision Squirrels and a FLIR

    If I had the money, I'd be doing the same thing ... :D
  20. ranger1183

    Rifle Scopes FFP dual purpose scope suggestions

    2.5-10x32 Vortex FFP. Life time warranty, very good glass, lightweight and fast on target. I own one and wish I had more! Contact (via email or PM) Scott @ Liberty Optics for the best price. http://www.snipershide.com/shooting/members/libertyoptics.html Liberty Optics Riflescopes Binoculars...