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  1. siscoe308

    How many calibers is to many?

    Landed a striped AR lower and started thinking about the next money sink (I mean project) and I think I’ve matured or am sick with the Rona. I’m not sure I want to dive into another caliber to reload for….startup cost & rat race of grinding for components has hit me. So far I’m at 8…none of...
  2. siscoe308

    Vault Door/ Safe room experiences?

    Hiders, I’m looking at getting a house built. Does anyone have experience with setting a vault door for safe room? My guns have multiplied enough that safes aren’t a reasonable option any longer. I’m thinking of setting it in the basement and set into the concrete of the foundation. Mainly...
  3. siscoe308

    HK MK23 juice worth the squeeze?

    Hiders, I have randomly grown an affection for the HK mk23. A full size 45acp is appealing to me for range blasting & truck gun. And honestly I’m interested in casual collection value of the MK23 (I suck at selling guns but it’s cool having guns that appreciate in value) Anybody have good or...
  4. siscoe308

    Reloading Equipment WTS *Price Drop* BenchSource Annealer SPF

    Hiders, I have a BenchSource Annealer w/ one torch head (the other has been pressganged into other service). Minty condition, 3-4 years old. I bought an AMP & honestly you should too....But if not buy my BenchSource! $470 Shipped F/f PayPal pics on request
  5. siscoe308

    Suppressors Hunting rifle can?

    Hiders, the Rifle will be a 24-26 barreled 280ai so I need a small package. I’m a Thunder Beast fan boi so my first thought is the Ultra 5. I own a Ultra 9 (30cal) & Ultra 7 (22cal) so maximum suppression isn’t the purpose of this can. I want to take the edge off one, maybe 2 outdoor/uncovered...
  6. siscoe308

    Rimfire FOUND ONE: 22lr 8in Ruger Charger

    Hiders, I’ve grown an odd fascination for the the braced Ruger Chargers. If you have/know where I could land the new brace ready 8in Ruger Charger, please lemme know! Thanks Edit: found one
  7. siscoe308

    Hunting & Fishing Looking for a Blaze Orange wool beanie

    I’ve been sniffing about for a quality wool beanie in blaze orange. Seems Filson has one but reviews claim it is on the smaller size. Any leads or tips would be appreciated!
  8. siscoe308

    Root cause of Two group syndrome?

    I have several shooting ailments....last shot yips, allergic to recoil, not enough ammo-itis.....but the one that puzzles me the most is the two group syndrome. Within a 5 shot string, I will occasionally (more often than I’d care to admit) see two distinct groups e.i. 2 rounds touching & the...
  9. siscoe308

    Left Hand Sale SPF NIB ARC Nucleus SA/ 223 BF

    Hiders, SPF I'm blowing up my 223 build before it gets started. Selling a virgin NIB ARC nucleus SA w/ 223 boldface. I picked it up in the pre release offered here on the Hide so Ill pass on the savings to the next pew pew'er. Specs: SPF LH ARC Nucleus (.380 BF) 20 MOA Rail w/ BarLoc Nut...
  10. siscoe308

    Accessories SOLD New RH KMW stock/ 700 SA clone (price drop)

    Hiders, with bitter weeping and gnashing of teeth, I post for sale a Virgin KMW Sentinel. SOLD My Dumbass ordered a right-handed stock.....but I know something that You do not know, I am not right-handed. SOLD Nor do I have six fingers on my...
  11. siscoe308

    WTS: Krieger .22 1/8 twist Heavy Palma blank

    WTS: Krieger .22 1/8 twist Heavy Palma blank $310 shipped. Decided to go with 1/7 for my 223 heavy. She is virgin & as boring as it sounds. If you want a picture, I’ll send some but she is simple blank.
  12. siscoe308

    (edit: Found them. Thank you Hiders) A couple AI 223 mags

    (Edit: Found them, thank you Hiders) As the title states looking for a couple AI 223 mags. Lemme know if you have some you would part with! Thanks Hiders
  13. siscoe308

    Hunting & Fishing Hunting rifle search

    I’m looking to upgrade from my trusty old Ruger m77 .270 Win. It’s a near MOA rifle with factory Ammo that has never failed me BUT I’ve grown into something of a elitist & Am changing over my collect to left handed bolt guns. Looking for semi customs in the Cooper/ Dakota/ Christiansen arms/...
  14. siscoe308

    Gunsmithing Dumb Hvy Palma stock question

    Ordering a KMW sentinel stock for a hvy .223 build. - Lefty ARC Nucleus action -Krieger heavy Palma bbl Question from Terry was how long the straight cylinder section will be between the receiver face & the first taper. I have no idea & my two Gunsmith contacts didn't answer. What does the...
  15. siscoe308

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Hudson 9mm in the wild?

    I ran a quick search & found nothing. Anybody have real world experience on the of the Hudson 9mm's? I'm thinking I need one if the early issues have been ironed out. Thanks, gents.
  16. siscoe308

    RampedRaptor 5/5

    RampedRaptor, good dude. Prompt communication, fast payment.
  17. siscoe308

    .223 trainer vs Spare Barrel & reloading components for my x47

    I was just shaken to my core. I'm a gun hoarder, and called my brother all lathered up about the 223 trainer rifle I was going to start. Surgeon Action, KMW stock, Huber...My brother stopped me and asked "why not just buy a ton of bullets & powder and TRAIN with your 6.5?" What am I missing...
  18. siscoe308

    Altas Bipod/ ADM QD clamp source question

    I bought a used Altas on the Hide awhile back that didn't have the ADM QD clamp. Does anyone know where I could buy the correct clamp? Im not terribly hung up on QD so I'd take just the 2 screw if I had too. Edit: I called both companies and left messages today, Im just impatient :rolleyes:
  19. siscoe308

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Freedom Arms M83 (Pics Added 9/11/14)

    Hiders, I have my Freedom Arms M83 in 454 Casull coming in shorty. Its gonna be a beauty! Premier grade 7 1/2 in barrel, inverted crown, black Micarta grips, trigger & action job done at factory. (Ill post pics...not groups! Lol) That being said I would like to have the cylinders numbered and...
  20. siscoe308

    New member/ Old lurker

    I guess since I've posted a couple times lately, I'll introduce myself. David Siscoe Gillette, Wy. Former marine 0351/8152, got stuck on presidential support detail, never made it to the sandbox. Lifelong hunter, more of a gun collector than a shooter (pains me to say). Ill feel the need to poke...