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  1. Spazz.

    Arrested Drunk Sings Bohemian Rhapsody In Cop Car

    News link. He sort of loses it toward the end... I love how the officer parks around the 2:30 mark and lets him finish the song. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/fqymcJRSbxI&feature=youtu.be"></param> <param name="wmode"...
  2. Spazz.

    Donating Blood and Exercising?

    I donated blood on Friday, and during my exercise routine this morning (P90X Chest & Back) I was still feeling zapped and lightheaded at times. I had the same issue Friday afternoon and Saturday, but I was hoping I would be at 100% this morning. I've been getting plenty of fluids and eating...
  3. Spazz.

    Thanksgiving as a kid vs as an adult

    Source - The Oatmeal Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!
  4. Spazz.

    Starting P90X - November 7, 2011

    For good or ill, I'm putting this one up for everyone to see. Hopefully it'll help keep me motivated to keep working. First, I'll give you a brief background of my accomplishments for health and fitness so far. Feel free to skip down if you don't want a bunch of history. Early this year, I...
  5. Spazz.

    Dogs Shaking Off Water

    Stumbled upon this and thought it was entertaining. Portraits of dogs as they shake off water
  6. Spazz.

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Yes, I'm starting a caliber debate...

    ...but maybe not in the traditional sense. I decided yesterday I need a good weapon that I can shove in my pocket, carry in-waistband, or stick it wherever else I feel comfortable with (holstered, of course) when I don't want to carry around a bulky double-stack. I looked at some compact...
  7. Spazz.

    Best Car Wash & Wax

    With so many options for car wash and wax out there, I want to know what you consider the best. I don't want any swirls, lines, dulling, fading, or anything. What's the best car wash, pre-wax, wax, whatever you've found to use on your car? I want a smooth, shiny finish on my silver car, and I...
  8. Spazz.

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Kukri vs. Cutlass

    I'm looking at getting a 'short' machete-style blade to actually use, not hang off my backpack and be a spec tacops SEAL. I'm on a $50 budget, so that unfortunately plays a part in my decision. I need a solid knife that will cut tall grass and 2" woody brush and branches with a good swing. I...
  9. Spazz.

    Help with my first 5k - Updated 10/31

    Well, I just about got up to running 5k last night. I hit 3.05 miles on my run and apparently 3.1 is a 5k, so I think I'm going to sign up for our city's October race. I've been jogging since around the end of May and I'm building up my endurance and cardio strength. I'm going to be doing...
  10. Spazz.

    Maggie’s "Adult Babies" - are you friggin' kidding me?

    Linky That's right, a near 30-year-old "man" sucks on a pacifier, wears a diaper, is spoon-fed, and sleeps in a damn crib. I can find much better ways to "relax and blow off steam after work" than "changing into baby mode". Oh, and the kicker is that both he and his live-in are on Social...
  11. Spazz.

    bin Laden's death photos will not be released

    The article is here. I'm of the opinion that while I don't have a real interest in seeing a graphic picture of a dead guy, there are more reasons to release it than not. Oh well.
  12. Spazz.

    15% off EGW stuff today, May 3

    To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, EGW is giving everyone 15% off their orders today, May 3. Use the promo code EGW20 when checking out. It's as good a time as any for a new base, right? **I have no affiliation with EGW, I just got an email from them yesterday evening. I have one of...
  13. Spazz.

    Gunsmith in Kentucky?

    Hopefully this question will be alright here. I debated asking in the gunsmithing and rimfire forums, but I know more people visit here consistently. Anyway, the important stuff - I have a friend who bought an old tube-fed 22lr bolt gun, and it's having trouble picking up and feeding the...
  14. Spazz.

    Never Flown Before - Need Some Advice

    We're in the beginning stages of planning a vacation at the end of March. We're probably going to the gulf coast, and any of the states we may end up in recognize our Kentucky CCDWLs. I don't want to drive 12+ hours and would just rather fly, even though none of us going have ever flown...
  15. Spazz.

    Wood Stove?

    After requiring a second LP fill-up in a month's time and having a sky-high electric bill for last month, we're pretty much set on getting a wood stove for next winter. It's not really financially feasible to get one this winter, so we'll probably be buying one this summer and either installing...
  16. Spazz.

    Maggie’s Winter Classes For Women

  17. Spazz.

    Cheaper Para Ordinances Online

    Bud's Gun Shop has a "Super Sale" going on with some manufacturer's display models from Para Ordinance. I don't have extra cash right now or I would pick one or two up. All the prices you see on their site are the "delivered" prices, which means that that's the price you pay them and they ship...
  18. Spazz.

    Zombie outbreak - serious discussion

    Alright, so I’m hoping this doesn’t degrade into paranoid end-of-the-world status. My wife and I were talking at lunch yesterday about what could happen during a real-life “zombie” attack. I say “zombie,” and I will say that it’s not in the context of someone who’s been re-animated into a...
  19. Spazz.

    Cooking Bacon With Guns - Hell Yeah!

    Few things are manlier than cooking bacon with a machine gun: http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2010/03/26/cooking-some-bacon-the-machine-gun-method/
  20. Spazz.

    Underground Dog Fencing

    Despite my numerous and best efforts, our stubborn dogs still get out of the yard. We live in the country so I have no problem letting the dogs run, under supervision. The problem rears its head because we can't supervise them when we're at work all day, so we have to keep them in a pen. I...