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  1. Slapchop

    Major Companies Cutting Ties with The NRA

    I'm surprised they waited this long. Maybe its time for us to sever ties with these companies and take our money elsewhere. The only time they listen is when we vote with our wallets. Major Companies Dump NRA
  2. Slapchop

    Rifle Scopes ERA TAC Scope Mounts

    While looking for a mounting solution for an NF ATACR that is going to be sitting on top of an AR 10, I came across ERA TAC mounts. Does anyone have any experience with these? They look pretty rugged and well built. How do they stack up to the Spuhr mounts? https://www.eurooptic.com/era-tac.aspx
  3. Slapchop

    Maggie’s Shark Attack

    Shark attack on grandma
  4. Slapchop

    Beware Hotel Scam Alert

    For those of you that tend to travel a lot and stay at hotels, there is a new scam out there. Be wary. The following was sent to me via email: _________________________________________________ This is one of the best scams I’ve heard about. You arrive at your hotel and check in at the...
  5. Slapchop

    Maggie’s A Guy Walks Into A Bar

  6. Slapchop

    Maggie’s Paranormal Prank

    Excellent execution lol. Poor fella might have gotten a small dose of PTSD as a result.
  7. Slapchop

    Marine Corps Bans Guns

    In light of recent shootings aboard military bases the Marine Corps is adopting some stringent rules regarding privately owned firearms. Now we won't have to worry about mass shootings on military installations...
  8. Slapchop

    SEAL Team Mason

    Some stand up guys right here. Child gets wish to be a Navy SEAL for a day Full video of the hit
  9. Slapchop

    While The US Military Is Hosting...

    ...drag queen parties and catering to the LGBT crowd. Here is what they're doing in Russia.
  10. Slapchop

    "Thanks For The Help But...

    FUCK YOU PAY ME!" What a fucking scumbag this guy is. I need help with my bills too, who should I sue? Man rescued during Colorado floods facing backlash for potential lawsuit - abc15.com | ABC15 Arizona
  11. Slapchop

    Garage Break Ins

    Got this in an email and I figured I would share with you guys. If you have an attached garage, they can gain entry into the house as well. Breaking into a garage in six seconds The six second fix that would prevent this.
  12. Slapchop

    Hey Veer

    Here's a nice story out of Philly for once. Nice to see the community pull together for a good cause. Brayden's force: Delco boy, 3, gets an escort for the ages Best wishes to the boy and his family!
  13. Slapchop

    A Glimmer Of Hope For CA

    For all of you living in California, a bit of good news. Calif. concealed weapon law tossed by fed appeals court | Fox News
  14. Slapchop

    "Gone In 30 Seconds"

    Good job boys! Video shows U.S. military abduction by Delta Force of Libyan charged in ?98 Al Qaeda embassy plot: report - NY Daily News
  15. Slapchop

    Attack On The Grid...

    Interesting how this didn't make the MSM until now. Guess, some are starting to find out just how vulnerable the grid is and the potential it has to distrupt our way of life. Had to cut and paste the article but you can also follow the link at the bottom...
  16. Slapchop

    Those Pesky Drones At It Again

    This time flying over ice fishermen in Wisconsin under the guise of "delivering beer". https://www.yahoo.com/food/drone-beer-delivery-to-ice-fishermen-here-is-a-74966526266.html
  17. Slapchop

    Cabela's Coupon Codes

    I have two coupon codes for Cabelas.com that I'm not going to use but I would hate to see go to waste. If anyone is interested they're yours. The first one is for $20 off an order of $150 or more. At checkout enter the following codes "Rebate Number":366239324 "Security Code": CWKZHW The...
  18. Slapchop

    Modern Day Ghost Ship

    How do you lose a full size ship in this day and age and have zero idea of it's whereabouts? - Yahoo Screen Disclaimer: For the less astute among us, the above is a rhetorical question.
  19. Slapchop

    Maggie’s Fight the Holiday Fat

    Here is a very effective workout for your arm. When you're done with that, here is a video so you could workout your other arm.
  20. Slapchop

    I've Always Loved Trains And Now...

    I love them even more. Rot in hell fucker, hope you felt every ounce of pain as those cars were pulling you apart. Iowa home invader cut in half by train after stabbing Des Moines man: cops - NY Daily News