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    Surefire suppressor for 303 Brit?

    So what about all the folks using 308 cans on 7.62x39 guns?
  2. B y r o n

    Safe Solvent/Cleaner For Old Gummed Up Parts

    This may be old school but why not soak the parts in Kerosene?
  3. B y r o n

    Reloading for multiple rifles of same cartridge

    It's 100% doable! As an example, for years Federal Gold Medal Match has been the gold standard at least for the 308. The reason being is that it shoots good in about every rifle it is shot in. People strive to reach the accuracy of that ammo in their own handloads. Take a look at the SAAMI...
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    Howards Total Vise?

    Don't have the vise you're looking at. Here is an alternative that is also cheaper. Just do a search for Parrot Vise.
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    Suppressors Labradar issue with suppressor?

    "Place the LabRadar in a position where it will not be impacted by ejecting cartridge cases, muzzle debris/blast or other items. THE LABRADAR SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM WEAPONS WITH MUZZLE BRAKES. PLACE THE LabRadar IN A POSTION SO IT IS NOT DIRECTLY IMPACTED BY THE MUZZLE BLAST. A BARRIER BETWEEN...
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    “Best” 700SA Rifle Stock?

  7. B y r o n

    “Best” 700SA Rifle Stock?

    Which one do you think best fits your requirements?
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    Seating Issue

    I think you may want to recheck your numbers. "runout is less than a hundred K" are you saying < 0.100"? "average near of 4 hundred K" near 0.400"? Something is definitely not right.
  9. B y r o n

    Suppressors Labradar issue with suppressor?

    Exactly what caliber are you shooting that it is missing?
  10. B y r o n

    80% jig and tooling.

    If you want to ruin your 80% lower try machining it with a hand drill!
  11. B y r o n

    Evaporust on cerakote

    Acetone will dissolve greases and oils but will not touch rust. If the rust got under the Cerakote, Evapo Rust will dissolve the rust and compromise the Cerakote bond to the object. A little contact could cause it to chip.
  12. B y r o n

    Evaporust on cerakote

    I get the feeling that if the part is bad enough to need Evapo Rust, Cerakote is the least of your worries. Sounds like remove rust and then refinish would get you the best results.
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    22LR Bolt Action Magnification

    You're going to need to figure out what the minimum power you're comfortable hunting with. Then find a scope that gives you the maximum power in a size that works for you. Maximum power will give you best view of target for most accuracy potential for target shooting. Putting to large a scope...
  14. B y r o n

    Powder scale/dispenser reccomendations

    Take a look at the Hornady Auto Charge. I bought one years ago and like it better than the RCBS as making changes is easier.
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    .308 169gr BTHP

    Federal brass has less internal space than Winchester. Normally you have to drop the charge when using cases with less internal capacity.
  16. B y r o n

    .308 169gr BTHP

    Are you using Winchester cases as indicated in the load data or are you using a different case with a smaller capacity?
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    Which Digital Calipers do you use or recommend?

    So what is it about these calipers that are lacking? Is the accuracy not repeatable? Are they not smooth in their movement? Why do you believe they need to be upgraded?
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    Grease the bolt

    Aeroshell 64
  19. B y r o n

    SW model 66 357 value?

    Even if you need the money for another buy, you're going to regret selling it in the future.
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    Reduced load 300wsm?

    Another option is lighter bullets which equals less recoil.