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    Is my Mausingfield ever going to "break in"?

    My cerakoted Mausingfield is very gummy feeling in the last inch or so when moving the bolt near the open position. I've cycled it a couple hundred times and it doesn't seem to be getting any smoother. Does it need a shit load more cycles to smooth out or is this just a part of owning a...
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    Tikka/Manners mini chassis question

    Got my first Manners mini chassis Tikka stock and the recoil lug is a separate floating piece from the mini chassis and the fit is slightly sloppy. Should I epoxy the lug in place to prevent potential movement or should I just screw it together and quit being a retard?
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    What could possibly go wrong?

    One of my jacktard coworkers just dumped a can of this shit into his engine.
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    LRI critter wrecker

    New hunting rifle is up and running, full build from LRI. Mausingfield, EH-1, 25" 338 Norma. I've only got about 25 rounds down it but the K&P barrel is a winner, one hole groups are pretty standard. This is my first full build that I've spec'd out, Chad and his crew nailed it.
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    VA refi lender?

    I've been working with my local mortgage company on a VA home refi since October and I'm tired of them dicking me around. Do you guys have a preferred lender who actually gets shit done without 764 fuckups over the course of 4 months of trying to close?
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    Optics NF ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR

    Nightforce ATACR 4-16×42 F1 MOAR, 6 screw NF rings. Box, caps, paperwork ect. Has faint ring marks and a tiny bit of wear on the turrets, glass and tracking 100%. $2000 shipped, payment via check or money order because fuck PayPal.
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    Reloading Equipment WTT N570 SW Idaho

    Ive got N570 to trade for 215M or CCI 250 primers, located in SW Idaho.
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    Reloading Equipment Powder Valley in Stock

    Heads up, powder available
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    338 Norma Bergers vs solids

    My 9 twist 338 Norma should be ready fairly soon and I'm shopping bullets. My range goes to a mile and I'm wondering if it's worth the expense of solids at that distance? I know Bergers will work but some of the solids have my attention.
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    338 Norma N570 loads

    Ive got a 338 Norma build underway and Ive got a ton of N570, doesn't look like there's much data out there for this combination. Anyone have any comments?
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 338 Norma dies

    Need 338 Norma dies.
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    Suppressors Well fuck, now what?

    I installed my TBAC 338 CB brake with Roksett months ago and everything has been business as usual installing and removing the can. After today's shooting session ended I went to remove the can and the CB brake came off with it. Muzzle threads have Roksett residue and the brake threads don't...
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    Reloading Equipment Heads up N570 at Powder Valley

    One pounders are currently available.
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    Lone Peak Razor ejection angle

    I've got a Lone Peak Razor that's giving me some issues regarding the ejection angle. Regardless of how I work the bolt, the fired brass hits the windage turret and falls back into the ejection port. Anything I can do about it?
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    Suppressors TBAC brake question

    Should I use anti seize on the brake to can threads? I've been using it on my SAS tomb mount with success and just getting into mounting my 1st TBAC can.
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    Accessories TBAC 338 BA Brake 5/8-24

    Brand new, $125 shipped
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    Accessories KUIU Icon Pro 7200 pack

    KUIU Icon Pro 7200 pack, regular size frame and large suspension. Will include the rain cover and two hip pouches. Overall good condition, no holes or screwed up zippers or buckles. Blood stains? Fuck yeah it has blood stains!! I actually kill game in the backcountry and pack it out instead of...
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    Accessories Manfrotto 190X tripod and 322RC2 head

    Manfrotto 190X tripod and 322RC2 ball head. Overall pretty good shape, used but not abused. Will include one quick release adapter plate. $150 shipped.
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    USPS insurance claim

    Looks like I'll be filing a claim for damages on an item I shipped. Any of you guys been through this process? What should I expect? Pain in the ass?
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    Hide mods kick ass

    This dildo responded to my WTB ad with a typical scam attempt. Fucking mods banned him before I even got the PM !