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  1. SSSamurai

    LMT MARS-H and the SR25 - any compatability issues ?

    Worked great for me with the MARS-H and an SR-25 APR upper!
  2. SSSamurai

    SOLD WTS: S&B, March, Leupold

    I traded for the 3-20 from another hide member less than a year ago. It's at least 3yr old, but beyond that I would be guessing. Added Trijicon MROs to OP
  3. SSSamurai

    SOLD WTS: S&B, March, Leupold

    I don't have the box for the 3-20, but it's this scope: https://www.eurooptic.com/schmidt-bender-pmii-ultra-short-3-20x50-l-p-msr-1-mrad-locking-low-mtc-ccw-capped-windage-turret.aspx
  4. SSSamurai

    SOLD WTS: S&B, March, Leupold

    The March 5-40 is FFP and illuminated, updated above!
  5. SSSamurai

    SOLD WTS: S&B, March, Leupold

    Cleaning out the cupboards... 😁 All scopes are in perfect mechanical condition, glass is free of scratches or scuffs. I've tried to capture all wear on turrets/tubes, faint ring marks, that sort of thing. I would consider the following items for partial trade: KAC 11.5 upper Aimpoint H-1/T-1...
  6. SSSamurai

    Quietest Suppressed AR-15 you could put together is...

    The Thunderbeast videos and stats during the Dominus SR and K testing showed that the port/action noise from a 5.56 often becomes the limiting factor in total suppression. I recommend checking those videos out.
  7. SSSamurai

    LMT MWS 308 lowers don't like drop in triggers?

    MWS (MARS-H) owner here, very happy with the Geissele SSA-E in mine.
  8. SSSamurai

    21" 300 Win Mag

    I had an AXMC with a 21.75" 300WM barrel that shot Hornady 200gr PH ammo into one hole. Average velocity was 2815fps, with a TBAC Ultra 7. I will be building a lighter rifle with the same barrel length for hunting, based on my experience with that combo.
  9. SSSamurai

    Any issues with kac upper on lmt mws lower?

    I only have a handful of rounds on mine, but the fit and function is spot on so far. Mine is technically MARS-H, but that should be the same pattern as an MWS.
  10. SSSamurai

    Rifle Scopes Can't decide on March 3-24x52 or the 3-24x42

    I've spent some time with both, and converted everything to the 52mm. The 10mm increase on the objective is pretty negligible for size and weight, but noticeable for FOV and brightness at higher mag. Unless you need the 42mm to mount really low, I would say the 52mm is a better scope.
  11. SSSamurai

    PRS Talk How does being in a “node” actually matter?

    I load on the low end of a node so that pressure increases driven by high temperatures or moisture on the cases will (hopefully) move me up the node while keeping inside it. That's the theory anyway...
  12. SSSamurai

    Best glass binos with LRF, but not fancy ballistics

    Another vote for Leica HD-Rs, I love mine!
  13. SSSamurai

    Suppressors TBAC CB for SR25

    Yup, I just checked one of CB brakes and it's also threaded all the way through to the first chamber. I have the CB flash hider on a 5.56, and that looks like it might have a shelf near the muzzle, but it's torqued down so I'm not sure. It's kind of a moot point though, TBAC doesn't show the FH...
  14. SSSamurai

    Suppressors TBAC CB for SR25

    https://www.blackanklemunitions.com/products/thunder-beast-arms-cb-muzzle-brake-30-3-4x24/ This question just sent me down a rabbit hole, as I'm going to put an Ultra 7 on mine. It sounds like a shim kit similar to the one for the M110 FH is the recommended solution, based on the small amount...
  15. SSSamurai

    Here’s what you really need to know about wind at a match

    Great post! I also recommend that shooters who are looking to improve their wind calls spend more time behind a spotting scope. Matches always need ROs! Some shooters are reluctant to give up trigger time, but you will learn a ton sitting behind a spotting scope and watching others play in the...
  16. SSSamurai

    Firearms SPF: AXMC kit 338, 300, 308

    For sale: AXMC Kit, includes: -Accuracy International AXMC 338LM 20" rifle 40rd fired on bbl -Factory 300 Norma Magnum barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 40rd fired on bbl -Factory 300 WM barrel, cut to 21.75" thd 5/8x24 100rd fired on bbl -Proof CF 300 WM barrel, 26" thd 5/8x24 30rd fired on bbl -Hawk Hill...
  17. SSSamurai

    Rifle Scopes Mirage Vs lenses quality

    If I understand the question correctly, I think you answered it in the last section. The best lenses will compromise the image the least. You can't undo the effects of mirage, but lower quality lenses will further degrade image quality.