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  1. ChrisGarrett

    What's Your Oldest Jar of Powder??

    I've got a bunch of those, from circa '93ish. Chris
  2. ChrisGarrett

    I'm back!

    Not that I've left for all that long, but I've love the reloading forum and I've learned a lot here, even though I haven't been shooting my bolt guns all that much, as of late. Chris
  3. ChrisGarrett

    Rifle Scopes i dont see much love for USO.... anyone have an opinion as to why?

    My only experience with USO was back in '06 when I bought a PMII 5-25 from Alex and JBW3 decided on here, that he would produce a limited run (100 pcs. IIRC) of 4" ARD sunshades for a competitor's scope. I bought one and thought that was really cool of him. Still have it. Chris
  4. ChrisGarrett

    Maggie’s Cigar Thread Version.... IV or so...

    I'm an everyday smoker for ~22 years. My go to sticks are La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero D-700s and Diggers and the CAO FlatHead 770s. Morning, noon, or night, it doesn't matter. Chris
  5. ChrisGarrett

    1" group over 5 grains

    How far were you shooting at? I once was shooting at 100 yds with my new TRG-42 and clocking the rounds in 5 shot strings. 250s at 2900ish. The first four in the string were clocking close and where I thought them to be but one pegged like 3200 fps! The group size was a quarter. I still...
  6. ChrisGarrett

    Reusing Primers?

    I've popped them out in the past and reseated them with little issue. Just go slowly. Personally, two sleeves of fresh primers aren't all that expensive and I'd probably do the 200 count batch with fresh primers and not wonder about things, but that's just me. Chris
  7. ChrisGarrett

    Movie Theater Hidden Figures

    Saw it in the theatre with my GF and we both enjoyed it. It was a tough time for blacks and it's good to see the three of them be so successful in both a man's world and a white world. Surprised I never heard of any of it before. Chris
  8. ChrisGarrett

    175 SMK loadout for 20'' barrel

    Do you own, or have access to, a chronograph? What...43-44grs of Varget, looking for pressure signs? Unless you're just going to go out to the 1k line and wing it, you'll need to see what you can get the 175s up to, firing them out of your barrel. There is no magic load to give you, hence you...
  9. ChrisGarrett

    Rifle Scopes Will USO Survive???

    I didn't take the OP that way either. I started reading here in '05/'06 and bought a TRG-42 338LM and SB PMII in January of '06. When I got that combo, there weren't a lot of choices and SB, Zeiss, IOR Swarovski, USO, Leupold and NightForce were all the big players. Hensoldt wasn't readily...
  10. ChrisGarrett

    SB 308 die overworks brass?

    Thanks for the reply. As I said, I'm no expert on small base dies, but I've never seen any specs in writing, mentioning only the bottom half inch being 'squeezed in' more than the rest of the case body proper. My point was that in my one experience shooting brass out of a 'probably' generous...
  11. ChrisGarrett

    SB 308 die overworks brass?

    No, it's not because my pressure was too low, it's because I shrank the case bodies down well below their ability to expand the distance needed to seal off the chamber. I've loaded low pressure rounds before and I know the signs. This was a small base die squeezing the brass down too far for...
  12. ChrisGarrett

    SB 308 die overworks brass?

    I don't worry about it over working my brass in the least bit. I worry that it squeezes my case bodies in so far, that gas blows all the way towards the head of the case. That's gas that's not pushing the bullet down the bore, in my estimation. I'll be the first to say that I'm not a 'small...
  13. ChrisGarrett

    SB 308 die overworks brass?

    Don't use SB dies if you don't need them, is my suggestion. I've loaded all manner of mixed stamp .mil surplus brass for 556/762 and I've never had an issue with getting that brass to chamber in any of my commercial chambers and .mil style toys because the brass was too fat. Sure, I had some...
  14. ChrisGarrett

    155 or 185 for 308 to 1k

    What kind of damage do you think that those would do to us if we were hit by them? They were supposed to be loaded more slowly, so at the bottom end of the scale, but still probably 2500 fps? I obviously didn't chrono them. Chris
  15. ChrisGarrett

    Tipped Sierra Match King

    Cool. We're discussing the two options in another thread on this page, so chime in there! Chris
  16. ChrisGarrett

    New Tipped Matchking "TMK" loads from BHA??

    Sierra usually gives you three BC numbers based on a range of velocities within the testing. It's quite possible that BHA cherry picked the top velocity range, having the highest BC and is using this number. Chris
  17. ChrisGarrett

    Load work up?

    For a box of 50, I'd load 10 rounds at X, 10 rounds at Y, 15 rounds at Z and the final 15 rounds at A and shoot your groups of 5 and see what you see. Don't worry about vertical at 105 yards, but look for group size. That gives you 10 groups 2, 2, 3 and 3, so you should start to get a better...
  18. ChrisGarrett

    155 or 185 for 308 to 1k

    That was a brand new rifle, never fired but for 30 FF coated bullets and there was no scope or sights on it, at that time. I just sited down the barrel with the key-holing ones you see. The other holes were from my new LE2b Savage, which had a scope and was shooting the FF bullets, as well...
  19. ChrisGarrett

    Resize loaded ammo ?

    About the only concern that I can see with using a body die to resize loaded ammo is if you have some debris, or a kernel of corncob/walnut sitting on your reloading press ram, right where the primer would rest during resizing and even in this event, there needs to be the component of...
  20. ChrisGarrett

    155 or 185 for 308 to 1k

    You make it sound so 'absolute' and I don't know if it always is? Not entirely on point, but slower twists do affect bullet stability at times, but to be sure, one would have to know by getting out and firing the heavies. Savage 12 VLP .22-250 1:12" 26" tube, David Tubb FF 80gr SMKs at 25...