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  1. MK3XXX

    Optics *SOLD* Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 C555

    ATACR 5-25x56, C555, second focal plane, MOAR-T reticle. Original owner, has been mounted on my GAP 6.5 creedmoor and nothing else, very good condition. $2000 shipped and insured to lower 48 states. No trades.
  2. MK3XXX

    Optics Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 MOAR

    Nightforce SHV 5-20x56, MOAR reticle, second owner, in good condition its been on my .22 trainer, has ring marks on the front part of tube from original owner(pictured) Including the Burris xtreme tactical rings. I have to rubber end cover/cap but do not have the original box, got misplaced...
  3. MK3XXX

    Firearms GA Precision Hospitaller 6.5 Creedmoor

    Original owner, 1046 rounds down the barrel of mostly factory Hornady 140 eldm, the last 200 rounds or so have been handloads. *NO TRIGGER* Sorry, took my TT Diamond out and dont have one to throw in right now. Throwing in Badger Ordnance 34mm 1” rings with the purchase. Gun has never had more...
  4. MK3XXX

    Accessories Atlas Super Cal Bipod No Clamp

    Atlas supercal bipod without clamp, used 2-3 times in pretty much new condition, a little too big for me so I ordered a Cal and this one has to go, let me know if you want more pics etc…$285 shipped to lower 48, paypal is probably best. Thanks
  5. MK3XXX

    Accessories 6.5 PRC Bartlein Carbon Origin Prefit TS Customs

    6.5 PRC Bighorn Origin prefit, 26” Bartlein carbon fiber M24 contour, .120 freebore, 1-8 twist, fired 10 rounds, thread and muzzle protector, barrel isnt super smooth but came that way from factory, purchased blank from bugholes then sent to TS Customs, a friend bought barrel as well which is...
  6. MK3XXX

    So I got hacked, help?

    Ive been busy havent been on here consistently in the last few months, came on tonight to check some things and it looks like ive been hacked because I have 5-6 conversations and items for sale that I never listed and have no idea where they came from. What mods do I get ahold of and etc to get...
  7. MK3XXX

    Accessories KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 6 with extras

    Gen6 KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis for 700 SA Area 419 arca ARCA spigot xl from krg Over molded cheek piece with an adjustable plate Krg Bag rider (delrin Large grips in bag and original cheek piece in bag Only selling to try out a Foundation, very good condition, housed a TL3/proof 6.5cm for...
  8. MK3XXX

    Accessories Harris S-BRM 6-9 with Podlock $90 shipped

    Gently used Harris S-BRM 6-9 swivel with pod lock. Had on my .22 but upgraded to Atlat Supercal so its gotta go. $90 shipped to lower 48 states, discrete paypal or cash app. Thanks
  9. MK3XXX

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 PRC Redding Premium 3-Die Set

    Brand new set of Redding Premium Series Deluxe 3-Die Set for 6.5 PRC. Includes Neck sizer, full length sizing die and micrometer seater. Bought but never used any of them. $115 shipped to the lower 48 states. Discrete Venmo only best. Thanks
  10. MK3XXX

    Reloading Equipment Wtb 6.5 PRC Seating Die

    Looking for a 6.5 prc seater, ive had a Forster Micrometer on backorder for a few months and want to shoot my new gun. Looking for a Forster Micrometer seater or a Redding competition seater, really dont wanna resort to overpaying on ebay so let me know if anyone has one. Thanks!
  11. MK3XXX

    SOLD 6 Creedmoor Dies Forster Redding Type S

    I have two brand new 6 creedmoor dies for sale, a Forster Micrometer Seater and a Redding Type S full length (no bushings included) Both dies are new and have never been used. Decided not to build a 6cm and finish my PRC instead. $160 shipped to the lower 48 states, paypal is fine, about the...
  12. MK3XXX

    Dell Desktop Computer worth it?

    Im looking for a new desktop computer and want i7-10700 processor, 16gb memory, 512 SSD, looking to spend somewhere around $1000-1200 for the desktop alone. In the past I have mostly run HP and was looking at the HP Envy line but heard some bad reviews about it freezing up all the time. So as my...
  13. MK3XXX

    Binocular Help

    I’m shopping around for an inexpensive pair of 8-42 Binoculars to keep in my truck/take hunting etc...$400ish limit. I had my eye on the Burris Signature 8-42, then saw a few Leupold in that same price range, and now I see cameraland has the Athlon Cronus marked down to $270 until December 31...
  14. MK3XXX

    New Trainer

    Just finished my Bergara B14R build and got to put 35 rounds through it today, ran out of adjustment in my scope right at a 50 yard zero so i got lucky. I started with the steel barreled action and put it in a KRG X-Ray, put a spigot and a few small things on, EGW 40moa rail, Nightforce SHV...
  15. MK3XXX

    6.5CM to 6.5 PRC

    I have a GA Precision with a templar v2 in 6.5 creedmoor that ive been shooting for a few years and love, i am also currently building a Bighorn Origin with a Proof barrel also in 6.5 Creedmoor that will double as a hunting rifle. When its time to rebarrel my GA I would like to try a new caliber...