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  1. MacMan

    Member Link Up New Gun Shop in Central Ohio

    New gun store, Title 1 sales now with title 2 sales and transfers to follow shortly. CCW classes also held on site, Outdoor range (range only for CCW classes,not general public) on property. Pauls' Marine 6140 Columbus Pike Lewis Center, OH 43035 gunsales@paulsmarine.com
  2. MacMan

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell Excursion Problem

    WTF?Just came minutes ago,I open the box and this:Bad seals in the main objective?Can not see through the optic at all.
  3. MacMan

    Need a little help gentlemen.

    All of my bolt action rifle shooting has been with a .308 and I want to go bigger.I Am considering selling one of my NFA toys to fund a new build and I Am not sure what direction to go for shooting at greater distances in excess of 1000 yards.What would you recommend with an approx $8,000.00...
  4. MacMan

    Member Link Up Ohio Hiders,Where to shoot?

    I have a place to shoot out to approx. 500 yards(Fairfield County),Looking for a place to stretch out a little more.I Am still new to long distance shooting and would like some advice and pointers from more experienced shooters. Thanks! Matt
  5. MacMan

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 trigger assemby help.

    Does anyone have a link or a source of info for the Rem 700sa trigger?Looking for details on removal,installation,and modifications to the factory assembly. Thanks for your help!
  6. MacMan

    First paint job(went cheap and used Krylon)

    First paint job,will have to make do until I have more funds.
  7. MacMan

    Advanced Marksmanship Nightforce(Exbal)PocketPC Software Help.

    When entering the altitude data on Exbal based software should I use the actual altitude or the altitude density reading that I get using my 4500nv? Thanks!
  8. MacMan

    Tubb 4-Way Adjustable Buttplate Help

    Will a David Tubb Will a David Tubb 4-Way Adjustable Buttplate work or be fitted to an HS Stock.It is and older stock with AL bedding block and DBM metal.I do not know the model number but it came from a Rem700 PSS.Any suggestions for some kind of an adj.buttplate? Thanks for your help!
  9. MacMan

    Rem700 trigger advise.

    Any recomendations for an after market trigger for a short action Rem700.Timney,Jewell,Shilen?Rifle is 20" suppressed tactical setup.Chassis has not been chosen. Thank you!
  10. MacMan

    Chassis help!McRee or AICS?

    Need a chassis for my build of a REM700sa 5r.Any thoughts or experience with these two stock makers?Tacmod by Surgeon is a little pricey $1400! Thank you!
  11. MacMan

    Hunting & Fishing Suppressor hunting in Ohio?

    Can not find any info on the ODNR website that defines hunting with a suppressor.Thought it would be fun to hunt wild boar with my can,no closed season and no bag limits with rifles of any calibre.Is it legal? Thanks!
  12. MacMan

    MP-MODSS Rem 700sa Stock

    Looking for feedback on this stock by McRee Precision. Good bad?Worth the $851.00 price tag? Thanks Guys! www.mcreesprecision.net/index.htm
  13. MacMan

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce MLR reticle

    Any experience using this reticle?Just purchased a NXS 5.5-22X 56mm with zero stop elevation knob & .1 mil-radian knobs and the illuminated MLR reticle.This model is not frontal focal so range estimates will have to be made at the higest power setting.I was wondering how well I will be able to...
  14. MacMan

    Rifle Scopes LR/T or ER/T with TMR Reticle?

    I would like some feedback and/or help from those using Leupold MK4 scopes.I like the TMR reticle but not sure wich model to use.Does the lr/t only allow for range estimations using the mil dot at full power and the er/t the use of the mil dot at any power setting?The rifle that will host the...