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  1. wirehand

    Suppressors eform users?

    When uploading the trust attachments, how can you get more than 10 and the 3mb limit by splitting them into "packages"? The newsletter mentions this method but doesn't elaborate how. It's probably something easy, but I am pretty thick headed. Also what does it take to withdraw a...
  2. wirehand

    Gunsmithing Removing smoke smell from firearms

    Ok, I voluntered to clean up a friends rifle that was in his house when it burnt down. The rifle is unaffected, barring the smoke smell. I have I.G.'d the whole thing, but the smell of smoke persists. Break free is a No Go. Ultimatally used Hoppes figuring that is the strongest thing I care to...
  3. wirehand

    Leupold tactical binos....any opinions ?

    Leupold bino clicky Any users of said bino's ? These outwordly appear to be the same as the windriver 10x50's. How are the reticles for use in spotting calls ?
  4. wirehand

    Member Link Up Gateway Co. dynamite shoot

    Two great things that go great together. Anyone going? Gateway dynamite shoot
  5. wirehand

    Rifle Scopes Bushnell FFP spotter

    Their new FFP spotter is on the website,but no price. Anyone in the know about this? What about the reticle ,mildot only? http://www.bushnell.com/general/spottingscopes_excursion_78-1569.cfm?section=Hunting